twenty times ten...

I was bringing the grumpiness 20x10 this morning. Stayed up to late and then Synai spilled her cereal all over the place, trash needed to be taken out and dishes put away then reloaded again. ARHHH... then I heard Synai and Saadiq playing, laughing and just enjoying each other's company. Giggling at each other's jokes and voices and all my grumpiness melted away 20 x 10. teheee :)
Now for some scrappies since I am in a way better mood. :)

My take on the olw challendge (#3). I decided to try and use my old KI Memories with some Hambly. I have to stop hoarding paper. :) I am so terrible at that, are you?

I am trying to finish up some albums that I started a while ago. This mini is of my Miniature Schnauzer, Aiden. When he was at the breeders she would send me pics of him as he grew. Look at that face!! Now I have to take more current pics of him (on the list to do this weekend). It is hard to believe that he will be two next month.

Have a great day! It is suppose to be alot cooler today, yay!! :)


  1. I'm a total paper hoarder.
    It's really, really bad.
    I'm trying to get better though.
    One piece of paper at a time.
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. o girlie!!!! so sorry about the grumpiness this morning... glad it melted away! and ur page... FABU!!! and... aiden... o goodness... i wanna cuddle him right up!

  3. i have a hard time cutting into paper too. i think that's why i'm playing with scraps so much lately

  4. Vee your layouts are amazing again"!

  5. I love patterned paper, and buy way more than I can use (ever). Consequently, I hoard. Great layouts, BTW.

  6. Love your OLW!! Your pup is just the cuuuuuuutest!! And yes, I'm a hoarder...not as bad as I used to be!

  7. Paper hoarder? That's me! :D

    Love your layout and album! Aiden is just tooooooo cute!

  8. paper hoarder?? hmmmm...i guess so, since i hate to use it up, because then it's gone and i want more, lol!!

    great job on the LO' your style =)

  9. You can add me to the list of paper hoarders. It's such an illness, I tell ya!

    P.S. Thanks for rockin' the Studio Calico blinkie. It's the first one I've seen on a blog!

  10. I really like your banner. Your LOs rock too.

  11. how cute is your pup? bamboo and buster want to play!

  12. i am a complete paper hoarder - even the scraps are hoarded..
    your puppy is the cutest!


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