it's monday but i wish it was the weekend still :)

Our weekend was great! I hope you had a great one too. I was lucky to hang out with Michelle and Nat yesterday in Old Towne. We had the best time introducing Michelle to Paper Source. I think she is hooked! :) She is so cool and nice and her children are the cutest. ;) I hope to see her again this weekend in Richmond for the sistv crop. This is going to be so much fun, about fifteen of us will be hanging out for the day. I will be roadtripping it with Mel and Robyn. Good times to be had, so excited!! :)

Synai had to strike a pose in front of the paper by the sheet wall. We did too,but i don't have my photo yet, Michelle and Nat are going to hook me up.
I have a new paper love, kraft cardstock. I can see why everyone loves it :) This layout is of my sister's charm bracelet. I created it forthe August gallery at Just Let Me Scrapbook.

have a great Monday!! :)


  1. That photo is adorable!!

  2. Veeeee! I had the best time with you and MR. Seriously, THE BEST. Loved meeting your little ones and that page is stunning. I always love how you rock the Hambly.

  3. Love that pic of your girlie!!
    Kraft really is the best thing ever!!

    Gorgeous page :)

  4. Synai is so adorable! I was so wanting to go to that crop, but decided it best to stop traveling so far from home these days! LOL. I am so hooked on the kraft cardstock too, welcome to the darkside my friend! (I have to tell my self NOT to use it all the time!LOL) The charm LO looks great. Hope your work week goes quickly and have a fun time this weekend! :)

  5. lucky.
    i wish i lived in virgina!

    (now there's something i've never said before!)

    love your scraps as always!

  6. Kraft cardstock is AWESOME!!! I love it! Love that pic!!!

  7. I haven't tried that cardstock, thanks for the tip. The layout is just awesome!

  8. kraft + hambly + vee = wowza!!

    can't wait to see you on Sat. - hope this week flies by smoothly for all of us!!


  9. Glad to hear you had a good weekend Vee! And that photo is adorable...not much better than a pretty girl with pretty paper :)
    And a sis crop - I'm seriously jealous.

  10. What a seet picture of Synai...great idea! The LO is gorgeous, as always! :)

  11. Love your layout Vee! So glad you get to have a crop with some girls! That will be great! What a sweet pic of your daughter! Just wanted you to know that I had a great time getting to know you in Denver ... you are a beautiful person inside and out! Kim

  12. that photo is tooooooo cute! I love some ps too!

  13. gorgeous layout vee...
    Love it


  14. great layout vee! and i too have just discovered Paper Source! all that gorgeous paper!

  15. isn't michelle so awesome! heh :) glad to hear you had a great time! there's a paper source in old towne?? I've been to old towne once on business. super cool and charming place :) do you live/work nearby? so cool. i love the bldgs there.

    and as always, cutie picture of your girl and GREAT layout! LOVE the design, dang!

  16. Synai is so cute! You trained her well.. taking after mommy and her love of paper! :D

    LOVE the layout too!

  17. oooh, did you buy any of that paper by the sheet?? Pretty stuff!

    Synai is just too cute and I'm glad she's already seeing the value in pretty paper.

    Have fun scrapping with your friends!


  18. love paper source but don't like mondays nearly as much as weekends either!

  19. love paper source! just opened up one about 10 minutes from me:)

    you make hambly look good!!!



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