homeboy wore combat boots to the beach....

that was my favorite line from the hills last night. The show was on point last night and Heidi's parents brought the smack down to her and Spencer. I am glad they were trying to express some light of reason to them about LC and Heidi's faulting friendship. Did some scrapping last night/early this morning for the September gallery at JLMS. If you want to save 35% off your next order by the August 31st email me and I will send you the code. She has the new Scenic Route Sumner line which I used on my layouts below. :)

I was tagged by Tisha to list eight things people do not know about me:
1. My favorite song right now is from
Aly and AJ-Potential Breakup Song
2. I didn't learn to swim until I was an adult.
3. I love to vacuum, nothing like a fresh clean carpet. I love to see the lines in the carpet and to feel the softness of the carpet squishing between my toes. teheee
4. I have a little bit of a potty mouth but not around my children.;)
5. I love cartoons and my favorite one right now is Ben 10.
6. I love to have fun and try adventurous things, I will try almost anything once.
7. I snort sometimes when I laugh. :)
8. I say, like ,wtf, for real and what a little too much...

I had the best time hanging out with Natalie on Sunday. She was so kind to bring me this aweosme book, Wreck This Journal. I can't wait to get down and dirty with it. I almost forgot,Saadiq had a great first day yesterday!! He loves his teacher, class and friends.
Big shot out to my girl Mara-May* for making the American Crafts design team. WAHOO!!

have a great day!!


  1. Vee, absolutely LOVE that pink LO of your girlie...you are blowing me away lately!!

  2. oh man, I gotta go check out the AC site...I've been waiting to see who won!

    here's to potty-mouths ;)

  3. Love those layouts Vee!! 'so happy' is SO CUTE!!
    Had fun reading your list too...I have to admit the potty mouth thing too...and have got busted a couple times by the kiddos...oops!

  4. pretty pages!

  5. i love the hills too :) heh. how was spencer's fake "sigh, what an angel"... bleh. they're lame. it's gonna get interesting!!!

    lllllllllllllove the layouts vee. love how you ink them all up. i used to ink everything. i gotta get back in that.

  6. love those LOs girl! awesome work as always.

  7. I love that Aly and AJ song too. Good one!!!
    And I have seen that Wreck this Journal book and thoughtit looked fascinating. Can't wait to hear more about what you think of it.
    LOVE the layouts!!

  8. LOL! I had to laugh at that line last night on The Hills too. Freakin' hilarious!
    Love your new layouts, Vee!
    I hope you are having a great week so far :)

  9. love all your girly LO's!


  10. Great Los and hello??? You got the catwalk AGAIN at SIS!! COngrats! I bought that book "wreck this Journal" a few weeks ago after reading about it somewhere... It is awesome, but it is going to be hard for me to not keep all the pages in there!LOL...

  11. Your LO's are making me very happy right now!Absolute delight for my eyes ;)

  12. The Hills was so good! Friggin Justin Bobby left Audrina's helmet on the table. How LAME was HE?! Grrr...

    Love the layouts, girl. Love how you're rockin' the PAINT. :)

  13. saw you on the catwalk girl. woo hoo!

    love these layouts and you are going to so love wreck this journal...so much fun!

  14. so loving your layouts- they are amazing!

  15. Love the LOs girlie.

  16. dang.
    those layouts are awesome!!!
    and yeah, that line from the HIlls....crazy!!

  17. ohh I have been playing that song a lot lately. I love hearing you say FOR REAL...in fact I hear you saying it in my head right now. Love, Love, Love what you have been doing lately.....you are a painting mad woman! AWESOME!

  18. Awesome work, there, girlie!! And that is a funny tag. (I like that kind of stuff) :) Glad Saadiq had a good day!

  19. love what you did with the scenic route.....the new layouts are amazing....and I have been stalking your mini albums looking for some inspiration....I am trying to do one after a year or so......

  20. The pages, gorgeous, as always!!
    I too love a clean freshly vacuumed carpet... Ahhh!!

    How cool that you get to hang out with Natalie!

  21. Ok, first of all, you scrapped about our fab time in gtown? Sigh...so lovely you are. And I love how the 'So Happy' layout turned out. Yay!


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