what this year is killin' me

Well not really, but is moving at warp speed. Dude, I can't believe it is already August and summer is almost over. :( However, big things are poppin' in scrapbooking and I so love that!!
*Art Slam
*Darejack 07
*Dare book drops this month
*sis crop this weekend
I made some more layouts for my vacation album. Yes, I totally loved K's 07 layout for the cocoa daisy kit. That girl is straight inspiration!! Sometimes it pays to not clean your stamps, that is how I got the two-toned color of the woodgrain. I know, I am a slacker I hate extra steps. :)

I am loving Damages, a new show on FX. If you are addicted to criminal show like I am this show is for you. It has me on the edge the entire time and just as I think I have it figured out something new happens. The surprise last night was Greg (Peter Facinelli). I used to love him on fastlane. Just as I thought summer tv sucked it has been amped up with Burn Notice, Damages, The Fashionistas, and Baldwin Hills.

sigh,have a great hump day!!


  1. Okay, I just had to comment today. Totally feel ya 'bout KC, totally inspired by her. And I too am hooked on Damages, I can not wait until next week....so loving the drama! Also glad to see you all had a good time in Denver.

  2. Man,your woodgrain is too enticing!! I agree about KC, always find inspiration in her work. :) I am a summer addict for Last Comic Standing. Still waiting for this season's LOST to come on DVD...I have not seen one episode from this year, and there are no repeats this summer. :( I so wish Richmond were closer, I would love to come scrap with ya again!! :)

  3. Totally jealous of the SIS crop! Sounds like a blast!

  4. great list of things to look forward to in August :)
    And love the layouts!
    Always so fun to stop by your blog Vee!

  5. great LO's, Vee!
    and yep i'm loving Damages too. that show is unbelievable. it is a good time killer until Nip/Tuck starts up again.

  6. Ok...your LO's are gorgeous!!!! And girl I watched the first episode and was like D*** this is the S***!!!!! I really want to see the next episode but I think I missed it. e-mail me kay?


  7. have fun at the SIS crop!


  8. Love the vacation layouts...awesome work!!


  9. Once again, your pages leave me wanting to see more. Great work.

  10. Vee, I so love stopping by here for some gorgeous LOs - love your style. Damages!!! That's our new favorite show. We taped last night's episode. ITA 'bout KC - such inspiration, already snagged that CD August kit. Happy Wednesday!

  11. love these. you are putting out some awesome stuff girl. so inspiring

  12. This year is REALLY flying by!!! Great LO's!


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