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hills recap-
*Spencer is not going to marry Heidi, she needs to wake up and smell the Vera Wang dress she will not be wearing down the isle. He hasn't told his parents about the engagement!!! * Jason needs to get a heart. Why invite your ex- to your housewarming engagement party. total ambush!! *Is it me or has Jen bunny gotten a nose job? *the guy from red jumpsuit apparatus was totally hilarious, didn't want to part from his girl jeans!!! lol

prison break-
* all I have to say is the Michael is the man and so hot, swoon *go Lincoln for outsmarting crazy mean chic *Bulick makes me so sick, once a snake always a snake *I feel sorry for Whistler, but I love his accent! *add the ex-fbi agent (alex) to the list, he makes me sick too!!

* love the new hero, i knew he was as soon as he asked cheerleader chick if she was an alien or robot. *best scence for me was when her dad went gangta on the manger in fedexkinkos copy king. lol *hiro is the cutest *this season is going to be hot
So I did my LSS layout on Monday night. I am not going to lie I did stress over it but I am so glad I did it. The layouts that are being posted are amazing!!

My 8 clear elements are:
heidi swapp ghost wings
heidi swapp ghost star
heidi swapp ghost clock
hambly urban chic frames
hambly mod circles x3
hambly chic circle overlay
happy hump day!! :)


  1. I love your layout! I haven't seen the Hills yet, I hope to catch the replay but I agree with you on the fact that Spencer is not going to marry Heidi.

  2. lol, my hubs was watching heroes last night and i could hear bits of it as i was editing some photos...it's good show but i hate cliffhangers! :-)

  3. Heidi and Spencer are such a train wreck, aren't they? She is such an idiot for thinking they will stay together.

    Love the layout!

  4. Your first LSS assignment is excellent! Love all the layering and it all seems so effortless, everything came together so nicely. It seems like a day in the park for you!
    I hope you WIN! Make us proud VEE!!!


  6. bunny girl did get a nose job. it does look a lot better ;) Spenc is a douche.

    your layout is gorgeous! I wonder how many of us will be using the same little bits? I used one of those HS wings. I should of scanned my layout last night...now I'm stuck at work and I want to get my entry in!

    happy hump day to you...just 2 more days to go ;P

  7. Great LO's! And YES Hiro is great! LOVE HIM! LOL

  8. Love your Hills recap. Hilarious!
    And that layout is sweet.
    And I'm not just saying that because I'm in it...haha! Seriously, I love it! It rocks!
    3 more days...woooo!

  9. love your rockin page!!kkbhvscc

  10. hahaha!
    it helps if i type the word verification code in the right spot!! :)

  11. love th recaps.
    love love the layout!

  12. OK girlie i will just stop by here if I want to know whats going on on TV which I have been missing a lot lately. Love the LO.

  13. LOL, I just LOVE your breakdowns Vee!
    Killer LO too!

  14. GREAT PAGE! Also, I'm so glad Heros is back...sooooo missed it when the season was over. Love Hiro's story and the continuation of the others, too. They jumped right into the intrigue...AWESOME!

  15. Oh man...your page is perfect! LOVE it girl!

  16. I love that page!!! Great one vee!!!

  17. love your page, awesome as always! Heroes is gonna rock this season and I love Claire's friend too! I want to know who killed Hiro's dad, any ideas??

  18. i missed the hills...so thanks for the recap, this is one of my secret loves, cheap reality tv, lol.
    haven't seen you awesome stuff around tallyscrapper lately, you so need to upload this one!
    was the clear lo a challenge? anyhow, it totally rawks!

  19. Fabulous page for LSS - love all of those clear elements.

  20. as i shared on the SIS mb, this is just beautiful!!!

    you go girl!

  21. love that page, seriously awesome stuff miss vee!
    and once again, you have reminded me to watch the hills. it sounds like a doozy.
    i dvr'ed bionic woman last night - hope it doesn't stink.

  22. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Damn Veronica. I miss you!!! And you're totally right about Heidi --- she angers me so. Let's plan dinner one night soon. We could hit up Southside 815 again.
    xoxo, Amy Michael


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