Who watched Prison Break last night? It was the BOMBdiggaty, totally loved it! So here is my recap, don't worry I won't spoil it. :)
-Wentworth Miller still hot as I remember, is he going to ever get out the ditch, I mean damn back in prison again and a hell hole no less.
-love the new women characters, the chick at the bar looks like she is going to be so bad this season, love it
-totally love seeing actors from The Wire and Burn Notice on here now.
-stoked for the season,this season is going to be great, I can tell :)

My take on the current jack. I so love how sarah b. creates,so inpiring!

east coast antics
hills recap
-i want to kick heidi, sorry i do. she is an idiot
-and spencer is a howdy doody jerk
-lc facial expressions are starting to annoy me a little
-the best part of the show last night was Elodie laying the smackdown on Heidi. and of course Heidi's face read,"don't compute, what are you saying to me"
-i was like trick you stabbed her in the back.
-team elodie!! :)
okay I am out, blogger, explorer or something doesn't like me much today. Maybe it's because I am little angry that i have mojo and now stuck at work. :( I will be 31 in a month when in the world did this happen,lol?!


  1. I love the new characters they introduced this season for Prison Break. Oh the suspense...I can barely wait for next week! And love the slide and music, very cool!

  2. Loved loved loved the new episode! Got to watch it last night only a few hours after you guys did.
    Now did I totally miss something... who out of Burn Notice was in it? MMM maybe I need to watch it again.
    The guy in the wall is a hot Aussie actor called Chris Vance... yummo!!!! (Well I think it is him... it was too dark to tell... LOL but I know he is in it.. and it sounded like him)
    Can not wait for next week.
    As much as I Hate T-bag I so love the character he plays... he is so good at it!

  3. Looks like you had a great great time! Love your video! Kim

    PS. the 30s are great! Just cherish them!

  4. Oh man... you're so right about The Hills, as always. I thought it was so rad when Elodie fully shined Heidi. That was awesome. And Jason's engaged! LC looks jell-usss.

  5. The Hills - WTH? Heidi has no sense of loyalty - does she really think she's qualified for that job? I'm thinking MTV paid Bolthouse to give her the job so that it'll start more drama. Elodie was there longer and should have more experience... Heidi came up from being a receptionist to an event coordinator in 2 years? Gimme a break!

    Lauren and Jason... Doesn't he always look like he has so much to say but never says it? *lol*

    Can't wait until next week's episode! :)

  6. Your Lo looks awesome, and I am glad you had so much fun scrapping!
    Next week is my week for Tv junkie... America's Next ttop Model, Grey's, and sadly, even the Bachelor! LOL...

  7. love the "g-town" layout...great pics.....and I would love to be turning 31....girl I am 36...alot closer to the big 4-0!! yikes!!!

  8. Love your jack darling! BAH HA who says darling anymore? I'm a dork! Oh I totally agree with you on The Hills thing...Heidi is just a ho, just man up and admit your a b word.

  9. your jack!!

    and I coulnd't agree with you more on the Hills. Heidi is such a WITCH. Elodie is so right about her not knowing whats right or wrong anymore. I'm all team Whitney. That girl seems really focused on work and doesn't get caught up in all the drama.

    Hope you put your mojo to good use! I felt it too and bailed out of work early. ;)

  10. way! I thought you were like 27.

    And you know I LOVE that layout. One of my all time faves!

  11. i love the layout. it rocks! the background colors work together perfectly with the colors in the photos and the white borders.

    and i am so on elodie's side. heidi is a total dingbat. did she really tell her assistant to always put through calls from spencer and jen. what! i just can't wait to see what she does next. and i'm glad elodie let her have it. and the funny thing was that heidi never even saw it coming. gotta love those moments!

  12. amber lee3:02 PM

    Okay I don't watch Prison Break, though I do get throughly addicted to the shows I do watch and can't wait for them all to start! I've been loving your layouts lately. I went to my first paper source a few weeks ago and thought of you, should have brought my camera, those walls of paper, yum, yum!

  13. I really like your jack. The blue and yellow in the background looks great.

  14. Ha HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Your post is hilarious!!!!! Girl I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Hills! I seem to always miss it though. Holla back at me and catch me up! LOVE the music video!

    Chat soon sweetheart!,

  15. Aunt B.G.9:11 AM

    Vee, this is one of my favorites thus far!!! It's even prettier in person too. You're so talented! Have a great day!

  16. Vee love your jack!! Awesome as always!


  17. I totally hear ya on the Sara B jack...her stuff is amazing! I love what you did for yours! :)

  18. Oh how can I resist to talk about Wentworth.... he is so yummy! And even Dominique, that show is so good! T-bag creeps me out, but what a great actor! And then there is the Hills... I can't stand that Heidi, is she just as dumb as a stick? Love your blog...

  19. WOWOWOWOWOW! Awesome layout!

  20. love the l/o!! and what would i do without you remind me to watch the hills. i even snuck in a few newport episodes just for you :)

  21. Love your layout Vee!

  22. Love the page! You are so very much on fiyah!!

    Now, I'll have to add The Hills to my watch list... :)

  23. Oh my gosh Vee! Prison Break was so good. We Tivo'd it and just watched it tonight. Holy cow. I'm still freaking out.

    I still don't understand the signifigance of the chicken bones. I understand the fighting, but why a chicken bone? Anyway, it was awesome!!fjhxky

  24. You said it all as far as the hills recap. Heidi and Spencer need to move to a different country and get lost. YUCK!

    Your jack is amazing...i went right out and got me some of that glimmer that what you used? Love it regardless!!


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