life is challenging

But that us what it is all about and this is a new week and a new day! My children are better, thanks for all of the well wishes. I am in better spirits as well, yeah!! My sister was great this weekend by treating me to all kinds of birthday treats since I will be out of town in the OBX on my birthday this Thursday. Thanks B, a lot!!
Advisory, long post, newest daily cards:

Scrapjacked is awesome, Sally picked Dina who is one of my absolute favorite scrappers! I love her artistic flair and she just rocks paint, spray inks and paper to the fullest!! This is my spend on her layout!! So FUN!!!
Scrapdragons layout:
use pink (in remembrance of Breast Cancer), paint and the word art on your layout. I love nature! I took this picture one morning as the sun was coming up.

I finally had a chance to dive into my kc kit! I have been drooling over this woodgrain postcard for months, so when I saw it in the kit I was estactic!! I knew it would be perfect as a minibook. I glued all of the papers together just like a book and added some gaffer tape to cover the spine. Karla and I had gotten this email from photojojo explaining the technique. After i saw how awesome Karla's book turned out I knew I had to use that binding technique as well. I will have more pics of it this week.

Oh and I was tagged by Tina So here we go...
Job's I've Had:
1. Currently working for an awesome nonprofit organization
2. Receptionist at a Leasing Association
3. Room assistant for daycare center 4. Hostess at Grady's American Grill

Movies you can watch over and over again:
1. A Walk to Remember

2.The Notebook
3. Saved!
4. MEAN Girls

TV Shows I Watch: currently

1. The Hills
2. Gossip Girl
3. Supernatural

4. Ugly Betty

Places I've Lived:
1. Virginia
2. Maryland

Favorite Foods:
1. Pizza
2. Sushi

3. Spaghetti

4. Cheese and Broccoli soup

Favorite Colors:
1. muted greens

2. pinks

3. black

4. yellow

Places I'd Love to Be Now:

1. on a beach in the Caribbean
2. NYC
3. san franciso
4. Miami

Names I like but would not use for my children:
lol, I don't think this will be an issue.
That was fun Tina, thanks!! :)


  1. Hey lady! Love your Dina layout, she's inspiring isn't she. Glad to see you got some scrapping time this weekend, I wasn't as lucky. Oh, do share the binding tip, I saw the same thing done on this website

  2. I love the mini book. You must teach me the binding trick. And your dina jack is incredible! I can't wait to hangout again so I can see the mini IRL. =)

  3. love love love that mini book.
    so cool.

  4. Glad the kiddies are better! I've just recently discovered Dina and she is fabulous. I love your jack and your mini! Wow girl! The Notebook is the best movie ever! Have a good day!

  5. wow great stuff, love the layouts and the mini book.
    Have a great week.

  6. What an awesome mini Vee!
    And loved reading your stuff.

  7. glad you and the kiddos are feeling better.

    Love all the new projects!


  8. Glad to hear you're in better spirits this week! You rocked your dailies are usual and your KC mini is out of this world! Loved your tag, I did the same too but mine is a shorter version. I agree with The Notebook being an awesome movie to watch over and over again!

  9. that mini book turned out so great!! I'd love to see that thing in person.

    Happy to hear you're doing better ;)

  10. Your Jack is great. Love the mini, so much! Can't wait till the postman rings at my door with the KC collection.

  11. What you did with KC's kit is INSANE!!!

    Love it, Vee, Queen of mini books :)

  12. Super cool... love the mini!!

  13. Love all your layouts and the mini. Your work is always so beautiful and fresh!

  14. holy smokes that mini is freakin amazing.
    please share that binding technique, pretty please...
    i'll trade the candy sushi recipe for it. :)
    love your jack too..the orange & yellow are awesome.

  15. love your mini album, and lub lub your work at scrapjacked. oh...and your kiddies are just too cute.


  16. dayum!!! that album is AMAZING. eep!! i feel so privileged to be in such a work of art!!!

  17. awesome new scrap stuff, love it! :) i did this same tag, love your answers! :)

  18. your work is just the refresher i needed after a long scrapbooking break.
    that mini is killer!!!

  19. Oh man! Yummy mini!

  20. ahhhhhhhhhh! soooooo flippin' killer! i feel like i need to make a mini of all the minis and layouts we have all done of this weekend!

  21. leslie11:53 PM

    Wow, Vee, you rock! Loving that mini album!!

  22. OMG I LOVE the album girl! You totally ROCK the collection!

  23. love it. are those invitation for wedding?


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