yeah so it was a turquoise night

I went crazy with the Stream color wash. I love it and well I made three cards from one spray,oops! I was playing with my art slam pages and finishing up my lss layout. I finally took the leap and embossed with some embossing glitter powder. I must admit I had a love/hate relationship with this powder but now I love it and need some more fast! :) (thans for the push k and lu) :) Grant it,it does blow everywhere when you heat it but it looks so pretty on your projects! It is raining cats and dogs here so excuse the pics, no natural light and my room looks pretty much like a cave at the moment with the amount I light I have,lol. This was the best picture I could take for my layout, I am hoping the sun will be out tomorrow so I can upload the entire entry.

My daily cards and slam pages are really therapeutic for me. I am so glad I started them. I did find a cute box in a thrift store in the obx to hold all my atc cards. I have been a little addicted to atc swaps and have three rounds coming my way soon!
tagged me last week to list six quirks/habits. So here goes!

1. I am a morning person, even when my children are not here I get up early.
2. The first thing i reach for in the morning is my glasses, I am blind without them!
3. I could wear flops all year round if it didn't get so cold. I hate wearing socks in the winter!!
4. Vanilla is not my favorite scent, weird thing is some vanilla's scents smell better to me than others.
5. I love to bake and cook but hate to clean up!
6. I am addicted to XM radio station's top 20, must have it on to fall asleep. So it was a little off last night when directtv decided it didn't want to work in the rainstorm.

prison break almost gave me heart attack
heroes almost gave me nightmares
hills almost gave me a headache, lo makes me blahhhh
svu had me seriously confused
hoping tonight gossip girl makes it all right! :)
can't wait to start the sick cycle again next week, yeAHHHHHH!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! You have some sophisticated ARTsiness going on! Love what you did with the cars. I WANT the one with the heart on it. And The 'Beetle Juice' one? Yeah...I dig it too :)

    And don't be gettin' all sick on us again you hear me?????


  2. love the cards! can't wait to see with more of your projects!

  3. I am so blind too, so I totally feel you on #2. Can't wait to see your full LSS LO. Looks badass from what I can tell.

  4. hey wait, i grab my glasses too! i cannot even see what time it is on the alarm clock. oh and i hate to clean up in general. :)

  5. Im a morning person AND a night owl...that makes me crazy right? great projects!

  6. Can't wait to check out your LSS layout in full view - your cards are awesome - glad you're having lots of fun and makin' lots of good stuff.

  7. I love your cards, and you and your shows just crack me up!!!

  8. Amazing work as always!! I must grab my glasses in the morning too LOL

  9. it's all red sox here this week so you'll have to keep me posted on the hills.
    i'm about 3 weeks behind.
    can't wait to see your work in the daylight!

  10. your cards and your art slam journal are awesome. Love how you worked the glitter! I am a total night owl and it actually PAINS me to get up in the morning.

  11. love reading your 6 things Vee - always fun to get to know a little more about the people you only know online :)
    And also always get a kick out of your tv reviews - good stuff!

  12. I'm so so loving your cards and your art pages! They are all so artsy and gorgeous like everything that you do!!!!

  13. Digging the compliments the ink. I love your daily cards. How do you get it all done AND have kids? I still have yet to figure that out:)

  14. I don't even care that I have been working like crazy this week, any TV I miss I know I can get caught up on on your blog...

    I want to see the box you got at the thrift shop, please post a picture.

    Don't worry, your secret about the daily cards is safe with me...

  15. so rock the cards! I love checkin' them out! I'm totally a morning person too (nice to find another friend who is...almost all my friends are night owls!

  16. loving it!! looks awesome!


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