TGIF, so glad it is Friday, but I say that every Friday :)!! I am hoping to get some things crossed off my list this weekend. I haven't did fun fact Friday in a while so here goes:
  • Thanksgiving is two weeks away!! My favorite part of the holiday is the baking that we do while watching the Macy's Parade on Thanksgiving morning.
  • I am a very giving person, sometimes too given.
  • I don't have a straight bone in my body case in point my crooked cropping skills below. I even walk crooked. lol
  • I am currently addicted to paint so much so that paint gets on everything I touch when I add it to my layouts, lol.
  • I am in love with Basic Grey again, love Recess and Obscure lines.
  • I am craving a hot dog from Five Guys!! Have you ever had one, seriously they have the best ones around.
  • Project Runway starts next week and I hear it is going to be GOOD.
  • Starbucks is decked out in holiday colors and that makes me happy. I love getting that red cup of goodness.
    *note must go there to get a peppermint mocha ASAP

Okay on to the scrapiness, Nov. gallery for Just Let Me Scrapbook (free shipping until 11.11 code SHIPFREE ).

See I told you I am in love with Basic Grey, these papers are from the Recess line.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that there are other folks out there who like to make lists as much as me!

    Your LOs are really prettty, I enjoyed taking a peak at them.

  2. I love the baking too!!

  3. i agree on the baking, the 'bucks, and your layouts are lovely :)
    have a great weekend.

  4. love the layouts! i still have a couple of pics of us that i need to scrapbook from obx as well! :-) lol at the hot dogs...what did you say you liked on it again? there is a 5 guys that is 2 minutes away from my house!

  5. LOVE the LOs!
    Just so you know, I STAND crooked! LOL
    AND, I can TOTALLY relate to getting paint everywhere! I am TOTALLY the same way!
    Girl, you are so EVIL! Get me craving Starbucks & Hot Dogs (We have a guy that comes around this time of year and makes HOMEMADE Corndogs! OMG! TO DIE FOR!) why don't ya! That is just MEAN! LOL

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Oh, beautiful scrappies Vee! I love the Thanksgiving baking, too!

  7. love the new lo's and thinking about all the baking at Thanksgiving is making my mouth water! :P TGIF!

  8. LOL..I walk crooked can se it on my heels!! Great layouts Vee.

  9. project runway yeah!!! cannot wait...and i am crooked too, lol
    luv your lo's!

  10. love the list! Love the layouts did you make those little leaves? they are so cute!!!

  11. are you counting the hours too? I also love to watch the parade while I am going crazy in the kitchen.
    Love your layouts and your blog.
    tfs ;)

  12. I love your layouts (as usual)

    Didn't know they had hotdogs at 5Guys, if they are half as good as their burgers I can see why you are craving them. I wish there was a 5Guys in NJ.

  13. Vee, your layouts are simply amazing! Now I totally want to pull my BG out and finish working with it!! HAve a great weekend...

  14. beautimous scrappies. love ur list! xoox

  15. These are great!! And Project Runway starts!!! yeah..yeah..yeah!

  16. Yeah, i'm liking BG again. Great pages! Love your shadow shots. Have a great weekend!

  17. these are great, vee! I can't believe Thanksgiving is two weeks away! Where've I been!

  18. Project Runway...CAN NOT WAIT! The layouts are so great!!

  19. great obx photos!!!!

  20. hi VEE

    its ME Angi B. we're in Lu's Cj group together.

    this is the first time i've visited your blog and just wanted to say YOU rock, girlfriend.

    I truly love your style.
    Hope U had a lovely Thanksgiving.

    love, Angi B


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