typed obsessed

....................just a little. lol. I think almost all of my dailies have some sort of type on them but it is all good.
I had a great weekend, went to the movies twice.
-Why I Got Married, great great movie, Jill Scott was phenomenal.
-Bee Movie, slow at first but a good movie with a wonderful message.
-I did about a million loads of laundry, now I just have to put it away and that is the part I detest.
But other than that it has been a nice, relaxing Sunday, just the way I like it.:)

Well off to makes some dinner, S2 are hungry!! :)


  1. keep those cards comin - love 'em. i agree with the laundry - love to get it done, hate to put it back.
    i love jill scott - thanks for the tips.
    bummer 'bout the skins today :(
    have a good week

  2. I love the trippin card. Hilarious. And in reality, I love all your cards. And I'm with Mel...what happened to our skins! They suck. But I still love them.

  3. I am the same when it comes to type/lettering/fonts lately. I have been participating in Emily Falconbridge's Mini Art Journal Challenge and have noticed that just about ALL of my cards have some kind of lettering on them! ALL of them!

    I TOTALLY agree w/you about folding & putting away the laundry too! I HATE that part!

    Glad you had a good weekend.

    LOVE your cards!

    Hope you have a good week.


  4. Vee, love your dailies - you are rockin' the Obscure. Glad to hear you guys had a nice relaxing weekend!

  5. lovely as always!

  6. love your cards. can you come do some of my laundry?

  7. I want to see Why I got Married too :)
    Love the cards, great ideas and inspo as always!

  8. Went to the movies twice?! Lucky you! Those are both two movies I'd like to see! Love your dailies and glad your Sunday was so nice. :)

  9. Your dailies are so awesome. I love the vibrant colors you use!

    Glad to hear you had a relaxing weekend. Those are always nice.

    Happy Monday!

  10. Love the cards.. we went to see Bee movie as well!

  11. love love the cards...so green that you got to go to the movies this weekend. DH and I need to get a babysitter. Soon...soon!

    Your ears should have been itching on Saturday night. Kim, Kathy and I were talking about you. (in a good way of course) We met up at Recollections.

    And..I am right there with you on loving Thanksgiving. My whole fam (some 28 folk) are coming in town from Atlanta, Chicago...and all around. I am hosting-- YEA!

    So...glad you had a good weekend

  12. Got your message...can't wait for Heros tonight! Loving the Kensei/Adam story!

  13. i hate putting away laundry too! LOVE love love the cards

  14. relaxing sundays-thats the life ;)

    love the dailys!!

  15. your cards are seriously amazing. you are so so so very good.


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