"why would I put something this awesome in the backyard"

Okay, I must confess I have been falling asleep on Project Runway and SVU, these shows have been so boring to me lately. Even Method was not enough to keep me awake on Tuesday and I love him. However Gossip Girl was way cute last night and I enjoyed every minute of it. Nate is the cutest hottest and I love Dan more and more with each episode. Another favorite show of mine is Reaper. It has the best lines on tv sans title of this post,lol.

We had snow yesterday, perfect powdery snow but no fun to drive home in with zero to none visibility. Yes, I am a creeper but made it home safely. Finally took some pictures of my latest dailies, I am so addicted to the crackle paint. I wish I had gotten at least one more color. Also made a quick layout about nyc with the November kit of SOML. Thank you Jesus for two hour delays. :) I want to see so many new movies coming out, Sweeney Todd and I Am Legend, thank goodness AMC theatres are running a holiday promo that all matinees are five bucks- yeah hopping on that! What new movies are on your to see list?


  1. I have YET to try the crackle paint...well I did ONCE and it didn't go over too well....Hmmmm lol

  2. Hmm...we haven't been to the theater in a while (the last one was Harry Potter)...we Netflix, so whenever I catch previews of movies, then I add it to our queue and watch it from home! I like pausing movies so I can go to the bathroom! :-)

  3. holla for GG!
    love that show...sheesh.
    and those dailies are awesome as usual.

    soak up some snow for me huh?

  4. yes! gg was awesome last night! i can't believe i love chuck and blaire so much! and lonely boy will always, always make my heart go all fluttery! umm plus is it wrong that i want s's mom and dan's dad to get together? how weird would that be?!?!?

    good tip on the amc's! i wonder if that's going on up here too? i want to see i am legend and sweeney todd as well. plus a bunch of girlie movies like 27 dresses, p.s. i love you and august rush. but i usally wait to netflix those. haha!

  5. Rockin' the cards as always, Vee. LOVE the page. Love.
    I want to watch P.S., I love you. I can hardly wait for that one!!

    I agree, PR is Boooooo-ring.

  6. LOVE that NYC LO!!!

    Movies...unfortunately, Alvin and the Chipmunks is the only one on our list right now. lol


  7. I am going to have to get some of that crackle paint and try it out. Love your dailies and that NYC LO. Great job.

  8. Still need to catch up on GG so we can chat about it. And loving the Lush daily. That place rocked.

  9. sweeny todd, i'm down... can't wait



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