caught up in a maze...

yeah the crud maze, it has hit my household. :( s2 was sick first, poor baby, she is so not herself. Now momma has it, didn't take long since it hit on Monday, it is the fast moving kind! I am at work, thinking I should have stayed home since I am achy and the NyQuil I took last night at like 9pm is still kicking my butt in to a semi-comma state of mind which is making typing very difficult. :( I am thinking tonight one kamikaze pill instead of two so I can function. hehehe....
Some things are lifting my spirits today however like:
*my new uggs, what took me so long to get these slippers boots?! love them.
*obama still leading in with delegates even though billary took three states
*brand new CHA products coming in this month's pdw kit. I am really excited to work with the blackboard from Cosmo Cricket.
*Janet Jackson's new album, thinking I am picking this one up over the weekend
*Sunny spring like days like today.
*new dare is up and i can not wait to leap at it if my body will let me :)
*Chai Late this am to try and combat this crud, was my first time drinking it and so yummy.
xo and try to avoid the crud at all cost, lock your doors, wash your hands
lol, out


  1. awww girl feel better!!!!!

  2. great list vee!
    also hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. love the list! Hope you feel better soon{lol about the Nyquil statement, so true!}.


  4. Get well soon my friend!

    LOVE those UGGS! And I'm not usually and UGG person.

    Let's hope Obama can KEEP that lead! I was so bummed when I heard Clinton won TX!!!

    Wise idea about the "kamikazee" pills.

    Take Care & Hugs!

  5. Love the new profile pic...which reminds that I should probably change mine too. Sorry you feel crappy. But tomorrow's Lost epi will make you feel better!

  6. aww! hope it goes away quick! i want to see all your fun scrappies again!

  7. I hope you feel better soon. I try to run away from home when the crud hits the house,it's like dominioes.

  8. UGH i hope you feel better soon!!!!! Lost is tonight!! WOOT!

  9. hope you feel better real soon.... and I am so LOL about the Billary comment!! :0

  10. Ooooo Sunny Spring days! Sounds nice. We have a winter storm warning advisory from midnight tonight until Saturday evening! haha amazing the difference two states makes.

  11. Feel better soon k? Oh and I LOVE chai lattes :)

  12. Feel better soon, Girlie! I too love Chai tea Lattes, espcially from Starbucks! YUM might have to get one tomorrow. Oh yeah I tagged you (sorry) see my blog for details.

  13. I can't believe what a small world the scrap community is.. I was searching for some of the new American Crafts stuff and had the best luck at Just Let Me Scrapbook. (found it through google) I was looking at their gallery and recognized some of your pages. :)
    That's a great little store!

  14. dragged out every can of lysol to avoid the crud....and it still took hold at my house! eeeeewwww! hang in there girl!

  15. :(.....big hugs to you honey! And when your sleeping just dream of them OF THE CHAIN UGGS!!!!!! ( love those things!) and when you wake can to the tag I have for you LOL!!!

    Check out my blog when you get the chance and feel better soon kay?

    Love ya girl,

  16. I hope that you'll feel better soon!
    The Uggs are great, lucky you..have to check janet Jacksons site for some audio!

  17. obama

    i need to take a pic of my new tee
    to show you!!


    hope you feel better soon!!


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