april 1

So it is the first day of April,oh yeah!! We are exactly one month from vacation!! I have never like the april fool's aspect of the day. I hated it in school, with all of the pranks, ewww. I am sure Saadiq will come home with stories from his day. I am sure he will be giggling while recaping his day, which will make me giggle and see this day in a different way. I love to hear about his day at school. :) I am seriously lovin' this season of the Hills!!
*love that it is an hour long
*Whitney is the bomb, so loved that she is rockin' at People's Republic. Is it me or does the owner of PR have no fashion sense for herself?!
*She pratt is LC's new bff??
*seeing Spencer being kicked to the curb. priceless. Even though I think they are still together.

New jack is up today, I picked the fabulous Laura Kurz. Check out the target layout here, but this is my spin on it :)

I love the new dares the girls have been rocking out lately. This is my take on scrapping a secret. I hate that I don't stick up for myself in situations. It is more of an internal secret that I deal with all the time. So this is a note to self to stop letting people run over me. whew, now to stick to that. I so love the new sassafrass lass cardstock stickers, so bummed that the paper is like sold out everywhere.

I am terrible at keeping exciting secrets. It is getting so hard not to tell the children that we are going to Disney World, since the commericals for it are in full force now and Synai looks at me so pitiful like I want to go there, hehehe little does she now. I can share this secret now (user inspiration). I have some more that I can't wait to share over the next few months. :)


  1. Haha... came in just as my bloglines showed your update! Now, don;t be dissing 4/1 too badly... it is my b-day!LOL. I love your dare LO, and I will look at my LSS for your SL paper when I head there THursday or SAturday. Hugs!

  2. One of my favorite pages. :) Thanks for your sweet words, Vee! Can I scrapjack myself? :)

  3. Love your take on Laura's page! Congrats on being picked at 2peas :)

  4. okay, that is so cool about cathy and yippee for you on the catwalk at Scrapinstyletv.com!

  5. Love your pages Vee!
    I know, I am not a big fan of April Fools Day.. last year my daughter thought it would be funny to saran wrap the toilets-.

  6. really? You don't stand up for yourself? I didn't know we had that in common.

    Your LO's rock, as always!


  7. I used to love APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!! I was quite the little prankster too! As usual, I love all the layouts. Vee, you so need to put out your own book!!!!

  8. Oh, beautiful layouts! Love them both :)

  9. ...lovely pages!! =) I'm lovin the hour-long Hills, too...I'm confused about the Heidi/Spencer situation, though...and also thought that Whit's new boss was frumpy looking, considering her fashion stylist job...lol...weird!

  10. oh yes, this season of the Hills is aawwweessommme! And I agree, that lady from PR needs to put a little more effort towards her fashion and makeup! She always looks like she just woke up.
    I so love your pages girl! You have to be the queen when it comes to random paint.

  11. I LOVE THOSE !!!

    xx from France


  12. girl, you are inspiration! can't wait to hear what you have in store for us.

  13. love your scrappies :)

    and i'm totally intrigued w/scrapjacking laura! her style wows me and scares me at the same time!!!

  14. Love this! As always, your work ROCKS!
    hey Girl, ENJOY Disney! If you need any tips or advise, I'm your girl! We go twice a year and it's a home away from home for us!
    Where ya stayin'?!
    Hugs and Love

  15. im with you on the hour long hills!!! is that a permanent thing? it totally took me by surprisah last night.

    *of course*... love your scrappies. and holy cow, that new sassafras looks fantastic!

    and yay for disney world!! and congrats on all the new exiciting news! woW.

  16. seen these on SIS!! I think they are my new VEE favs!!

  17. nice jack choice!! BESIDES jude's bday - april fools makes me cringe a lil too. and congrats on being inspo jacked - although they're a little slow on the uptake if you ask me...we already knew you were fabulous.


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