having some fun over at scrapblog,who knew digi could be so fun! :) DID YOU SEE LOST, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it and the ending, don't want to spoil oh heck if you didn't see it read no more! John was in the casket this whole freaking season, wth?!!!! I can't believe it and why does it want them to come back to the island? What bad freaking stuff happen while they have been gone, and how cool was it when the island vanished. Love stuff like that!! I can't wait to see what is in store for next season :) I am sorry Claire creeps me out seriously, she does ANDI wonder if Michael and Jin are okay? I am thinking maybe not right, but who knows with this show.
now for some fun stuff, thanks for the questions, it was fun to answer them!
Kara said...

Oooh. That circle layout is SO lovely. Awesome.
Secrets to your wicked sweet acrylic paint splatters? :)

hmmm, no secret per say, I use my fingers, brushes (sponge and regular) and edges of scrap paper. I love to paint and have to restrain from not using it all of the time!

Nicole Carro said...

Hey Vee - love that frame around Sinai, looks aweome. Ok a how did you make those photo pieces for your 5-5-08 layout? That is the coolest thing I've ever seen.

thanks Nic, I used the flickr toys application Hockneyizer, it makes Polaroids of one photo into all these different combinations.

CandiMandi said...
A question... hmmmm....
What is a dream/ambition you had in the past that you feel like you have fulfilled.

girl you are getting deep, just kidding... I would have to say going to college from high school and graduating. I always wanted to go to college so it was a joyous day when I graduated since I was the first in my family. I also always wanted to be a mommy, since I was very little. I love it and would not trade it for the world!

Adrienne said...

LOVE the LO's! Are you ready for tonight!?!??!

Yes, it was amazing, thought you would be on, to chat girl!!!! I loved it!

dana said...

Layouts amaze me time after time! Question, are you a fast scrapper, or a slow scrapper?
Question, what reality tv are you looking forward to this summer (I need to re-up my former addictions)?

Well sometimes I am a really fast scrapper and other times the mojo doesn't flow. But on most cases I can do one layout in about thirty minutes or less. Well I must say I am really looking forward to America's Best Dance Crew, it is awesome and it starts again this month! Sorry to say I looked at Denise Richards, It's Complicated last week. It is a train wreck but I am going to tune in again this week. I must confess I love Dieon and Pilar Primetime Love, he is crazy funny! I know my sister is going to hate that I admitted to watching it but the stuff he says is priceless.

Have an awesome weekend. I am looking forward to some time outside, rest and family time.


  1. Girl, I almost called you during the show just so we could freak out together!! If they had not shown who was in the casket I was going to lose my mind!! I loved it, but I was seriously mad when they did not get Jin on that chopper!!! We should plan to be together for the season opener next year, that would be fun! :)

  2. I just about died when I saw him in that casket!!!! Loved it. I wished I had DVRd it so I could watch it again.

  3. As always, cute layout!!

  4. Man, I've been dreaming about the show all night -- all the possibilities (that's how my brain works...thinking even in sleep)! It was a good one and now I can't wait for the next season!

  5. Well ya know Michael has been back too trying to off himself! OMG!
    The whole north pole theory is starting to come alive!

  6. I finally headed over to scrapblog too! Found you there! And your stuff is amazing as usual. It's definately addicting! :)

  7. have a great weekend too!

  8. I just watched it again!!! LOL

  9. Oh i love it!!! so much fun vee!

  10. Love your digital layout! I haven't tried that yet, but perhaps you have inspired me to try that out! Thanks.

  11. gorgeous layout! and lost...well, what can i say other than i wish i was juliet. he wouldn't have even made it all the way out of the water!

  12. great to see so many people getting hip to digi. i always loved it and your pages are great!!!


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