roller rinking was a success...

We had a blast and it was really refreshing, but the first fifteen minutes was a little sketchy, i am not going to lie. I was sweating bullets trying to keep both of them up and trying not to fall myself as I had roller skates on too. Panic extreme panic ran thru me, but once they were on the rink even with the falls they got right back up even more excited to try, I was okay. I breathed a big sigh of relief as the panic left my face and grip. One of the ladies looked at me like poor thing, it is funny now that I think about it. I know I looked crazy at first but it was so much fun and they can't wait to go back. I had fun too, it was a shaky unbalanced but I got back on the saddle quickly. So much fun and reminded me of my teenage years spent in the roller rink. :) Totally made my blahs evaporate! We made a fun list for the summer so no 1. was a success now to number 2, laser tag!

I felt like taking some pictures which now has me in the mood to create. I haven't felt like that in a while, for that I am grateful. My two being silly this morning which included some silly faces and zombie eyes. That is Saadiq's new pose, zombie eyes....boys! I didn't post that one because it is a little freaky, ha!
sunday silliness

some favorite things, in my space... love my paints as you well know. These are my favorite colors by far!!
paint love

a new inspiration board that I have worked on in stages for like forever, I guess it will get hanged one day or another. I plan on adding it with some fav photos and lots of Polaroids. I love this old photo of my father.
new board

I also have a RAK for you!! Lots of paper, new Daisy D's, Basic Grey, Scenic Route, Pink Paislee,K & Company and some ribbon and rubon's. Leave me a comment if you want to be included in the rak with your summer plans and I draw a winner on Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of you weekend:)


  1. my plan for summer: going to crete with my family
    so much fun for us!!!!
    thanks for this rak and don't forget that you rock vee!!! you're so inspiring for me

  2. wow..the roller rink..that toatlly brings me back!! i wonder if my 3.5yr old could hang with that!! lol!

    we just have a whole lot of family and play time planned for the summer. And we're enjoying every minute of it!

  3. I wanna go roller skating too! I'd prabably break my ankle.

    My summer plans include...
    -2 vacations. One mini, and one to the beach!
    -Family visiting I haven't seen in a few years.
    -4 birthdays to celebrate, One being my boytoy.
    -Opening one business while helping to run the other with my family.
    -Plently of pool time on days off.
    -And of course, plenty of scarppy time!

    Have a good day Vee!

  4. My sister and I are going to meet up at one of our favorite childhood amusement parks and ride roller coasters together all day ... I can't wait. Thanks for the chance for some goodies.

  5. j & i tried to take his son skating several years ago and man was i way out of practice, lol
    at least i didn't fall in the 10 minutes i was on the rink, lol

  6. Let's see, my summer plans...stay as COOL as possible! LOL

  7. hey vee.
    very impressed you went to the roller rink! wish we still had one in town....i used to be a pro :) well i thought i was anyway since I had my bday party there for so many years in a row. hehe.
    love the inspo board...very cool!!
    my plans for the summer...go to the pool and splash pads as much as know we only have two months of summer here :)

  8. Glad you had a good time! Aj just learned how to skate a couple weeks ago. He loves it now!

  9. ahh sookie sookie now...SKATE....ROLLLLLL...BOUNCE...!!!..back in the day you couldn't tell me nuttin...but now, i have to be xtra careful skating due to my back knee...this summer, i plan to be in mini album heaven..and to remain there...i will hosting a SISTAH' CROP here in columbus next month...there will be about 6 of us there...meeting and greeting and sharing ideas and stuff..but overall, i will be scrappin this summer...
    remain blessed ms. vee!!

  10. I couldn't even tell you how long its been since i've rollerskated! I haven't scrapped much either, but I will be in the Philippines for two weeks visiting my family and then doing some quadding up north when I get back! have a great weekend

  11. Love the photo of your paints and your inspiration board. My summer plans are to save money for my trip to Europe this fall, do some free lance photography, and scrapbook. I'm also planning to go to Yosemite for a few days with my parents. Thanks for offering a RAK!

  12. Summer.....scrapping, sleeping in, camping, tv, painting, re-decorating, going out for ice cream, walking around the neighborhood, gardening, cold beer, hot sun, good times.

  13. Vee I love that inspo board! I sooo need to make one someday.
    This summer Ima be nannying full time... with my kids I've had for four years, and this is my last summer with them. ;) Bitter-sweet!

  14. yeah those are def some goodies in the mm paint department, and so pretty together!

  15. Jessica11:50 PM

    Rollar skating reminds me of my childhood. I even got to have a bithday party there once!
    Summer plans include:selling my house and moving HOPEFULLY!

  16. Hi Vee! My major summer plan this year is getting married on August 11! You know I'll have TONS of pics to scrap :) Jessica

  17. gotta love the RAKs! my plans: coming to MD...can't wait! thanks vee!


  18. no vacay plans, maybe some day trippin. hopefully meeting up with you :)
    love the inspo board.

  19. I loved roller skating when I was a kid too, it seems like such a long time ago though. Glad to hear you had fun skating :)
    We're leaving for Prince Edward Island, the land of Anne of Green Gables this upcoming weekend. We're making a few random stops in the maritimes, sorta like a road trip and we'll be staying in a little cottage by the beach. I'm looking forward to that!

  20. Erin H.12:30 PM

    I loved skating as a kid, but when I went as an adult...not a pretty sight!!! LOL I love your inspiration board and have wanted to make one for awhile now too... you have given me new inspiration to make one now!!! As for the summer...mostly being spent on baby sister is due in the middle of summer and I will be in the delivery room with her!

  21. hubs & i are on a countdown to NYC ... 5 days!
    also doing some San Diego later in the summer *WITH* the boys.

    skating ... brings me back to the days of "Couples Skate". remember THAT? :P

  22. my summer plans are pretty much the same as all year, read,scrap, and a day at the pool every now and then.

  23. hi! I am a teacher so I am off for the summer! Yipee! I am losing weight and scrapbooking! Woo-Hoo~

    Have a great night...would love to get some inspo via a RAK...thanks!

  24. Anaf F.5:03 PM

    I love your inspiration board, but my eyes were on your typewriter behind it. It's beautiful. I want one so bad and dont know were to get one. Ebay? Garage sale? Well... Summer plans... I'm going to Brazil for a month to visit my family!!
    Ana F.

  25. jealous! im just loving summer right now! hope you are too!

  26. Good for you. Anything involving shoe/boot, wheels, and me balancing myself on them is a NO GO!! I am looking forward to enjoying the remainder of my summer b4 school begins. Thanks for ur inspiration and for the opportunity for the RAK!!!

  27. Whoa, I love that board, just beautiful. Okay, so after your post I've just begged Chuck to take me on a date roller skating, he laughed at me, guess I'll have to wait until Jack is big enough! At the top of my list for summer plans is a day at Dorney Park riding the rollercoasters.

  28. you so ROCK those paints girl!!!!
    I've never seen anyone else with that paint talent you have. And your board looks fab! Love the paper. You are so rockin' the polaloids beautifully!

    summer i plan to rock you
    with some time at the beach
    some tan on my face
    some sand castle building
    some singing in the car
    with my new retro glasses and a scarf
    and heck yes, lots of ice cream
    lots of slurpee lovin'
    and starbucks chuggin'

    woot woot!!!!
    so excited

  29. Daisy Niemeyer2:25 AM

    i wish i could say that i had big plans, but I am secretly crossing my fingers for an impromptu getaway to Australia!!!! (a girl can wish, right???)

  30. am I too late?!
    i plan to take advantage of this summer pregnant with possibility.
    deliver me some awesomeness, summer.

  31. I am 24 and still afraid of rollerskates. Kudos to you!

  32. I really like your inspiration board!


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