an amazing experience....

omg, i had so much fun!!! The best part of cha for me was meeting so many people finally irl.
Seeing the new product in person before it hits the market is fun but seeing the friends I have made online was totally the highlight for me. :) So here is my little shout out :)
tobi (who took us to the show on Saturday because it was raining buckets and the shuttle was curbside pickup, thanks girl for the hook-up seriously!)
dina- loved meeting you we will have to hang out more for real next time!!
stacey and heather- some of the sweetest and funniest ladies ever!!
nicole, em, april, scarlet, allison, suzy, kerry lynn, jenn, dana, emily, kim and ali- all amazing and so so sweet (sorry too lazy to link but so fun meeting you all too!!)
plus I had the best roomie ever, karla!! :)

okay now some of the product that was my favorite, not to bombarded you with photos so I will list the ones that I am not posting pictures of that I loved as well:
*hambly- be still my heart bicycles, yum! I love all of the color combos and hello birdcages, need I say more?!
*cosmo cricket, mr. campy need I say more, the paper is the cutest!! Love the vintage,nostalgia, fun feel of this paper, can't wait to play with it tonight!

*sonburn eco chic- love their papers, so cute and eco friendly (made from recycled goods), can't wait for these! awesome designs with some of my favorite colors.

*crate paper- swoon love the neturals, die cut paper shapes and patterns! More of the colors I love, green, orange, brown and aren't' the squirrels the cutest?! Loved meeting the owners of cp, so cute and sisters!!
yum, crate paper

*american crafts
I love so much in this booth from the new thickers to the papers! the conversation bubbles paper are my favorite!
ac, how i love thee

*jenni bowlin
last but not least, love me some jenni b. her new paper (Victoria) is so pretty not to mention the crepe paper ribbon!! I love the yellow ledger die cut paper and I just could not stay away from her booth, even Ruth noticed, but no shame in my game, lol. I love her products and the booth was gorgeous!
thud, jenni B.
hope you enjoyed my lil' recap, off to bed ;)


  1. Everything looks so wonderful! I bet it was such a blast to hang out there! did you get to take home some stuff?

  2. Glad you had a fabulous time...thanks for posting the photos, love that Jenni Bowlin stuff, the colors are awesome.

  3. hooooo wee! those peeks are amazing! sounds like an amazing time! so stoked for you vee ;)

  4. yay! it was so fun to meet you!! :)

  5. ooooh, thanks for the peeks girl! I love that crate paper, and the Jenni Bowlin... yep, gotta have some of that! :)

  6. I'm still jealous! LOL Glad you had fun. I'm SO looking forward to that crate paper and jenni bowlin!!!!

  7. awww dang! I can't wait to buy me some! :)

  8. ooooo love seeing the paper this way. On the web. Looks nice!!!!!! I miss you almost a little. Not that much. Just like a not even that LOL!!!!!

    Chat soon sweetheart. Had a blast,

  9. Vee...I like your new banner/header!! Looks like you had a blast at cha. i am so bummed I couldn't go! THnks for the great pics of some of the new lines. Oh that Jenni Bowlin is yummo!

  10. hi there miss vee!!!
    so jealous that my girl suzy west got to meet you before i met you! did you have fun at the sis dinner? she loves your style girl!
    so wish i could have been there, maybe next time.
    tfs your faves!!!
    happy tuesday!

  11. I loved your recap, awesomely done! No shame at all in your game girl! :)

  12. Wow, everything is fab! I am glad that you had a good time. Thanks for sharing the sneak peeks!

  13. i'm so glad you had so much fun.
    thanks for the product peeks. so lovely. all of it!

  14. I get just as excited getting to CHA and meeting so many friends IRL! LOVE your overview of papers and companies. NOW, why are we going to have to wait so long to really see this stuff???

  15. wow what fantastic goodies!!! droool...

  16. Hey lady! It's been a long time since I stopped through. Love the CHA pics. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  17. so glad to hear you had a good time Vee!
    AND love the peeks you posted - good stuff!

  18. every thing looks so yummy. I am so happy for you meeting everyone, getting to see things before it happens, and influencing Karla to get twilight! Way to go girl!

  19. So glad we could meet IRL! You are a total doll!

  20. excellent to hear you had such a great time.

  21. vee, i'm so bummed i missed so many people at cha. well, it was in and out for me. you know how i do. :) But i has soooo much fun w/ you, karla and morgan!!! bummed i missed that sonburn, too.

  22. thanks for the peeks - can't wait to hear more :) over dinner soon.

  23. I loved meeting you and Karla at the Rusty Pickle booth. Give me a holler if you ever need some RP love! Since I didn't get out of the booth very much because we were so busy, thanks for your highlights and faves. TTYS....

  24. leave it to your awesome eye to notice the sonburn eco chic line ... you're the only one i've seen who mentioned it ... and IT IS SO COOL!
    that is *the best* you got to meet so many cool girls!


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