heart saturdays....

so worth it...
i love Saturdays, really I do!
* because it is my sleep in late day
* do fun things like go on a cupcake run for the family, we are a red velvet household
* breaking in my new gypsy05 dress
* lunch date with my sister
* catching up on the new season of burn notice
* interactive fun about the olympics on directv
* quiet time without the kids
* scrapping the new dare
* reading water for elephants
* finally hanging my inspiration board:
inspiration corner
hope you are having a good Saturday too!


  1. i think Saturdays are pretty cool, too.

  2. sundays used to be my fave, but i think saturday has replaced that... sundays were just too close to monday :) hahahaha. love that photo and hope you have a great weekend vee!

  3. That sounds like a good Saturday. I need to make some cupcakes. :)

  4. I love your inspiration board, Vee! I'm glad I'm not the only one who keeps those little SC cards, too... awesome!

    Have a rad rest of your weekend, girl!

  5. Hey girl!!!!
    It's been sometime.
    I'm so glad everything is going well..

    Love this inspiration wall!!!

    Way to go.

  6. mmm....cupcake....

    love a good saturday!

  7. What a great inspiration board, it's awesome!!!

  8. I would love a quiet Saturday without the kiddos to just scrap and relax, does that sound mean of me?? I love your inspiration board... did you make it? If so, fill me in on how! I have been wanting to make one with corkboard and a fram, but am wondering if it is really as simple as I am making it!LOL... :)

  9. ahhhhhh
    i need another saturday LOL
    i so want to just wake up whenever
    i hate that my neighbors get up so early and make tons of noise cleaning. i am glad you got to chill and i love the board! so rad


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