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WOW ladies you are awesome, thanks for the well wishes! So cool to see who reads my lil' blog, hi ladies! :) So you liked the rak, huh?! I am glad because believe me you are helping me :)!! I printed out all twelve pages, yes twelve pages!!! Don't fret another surprise giveaway will be posted soon, so keep your eyes peeled! I had Saadiq and Synai pick the two winners!

Congrats Dawn and Nichol, email me your addresses (my address is to the left under my pic :) Your goodies will be postal by the end of the week!

I really enjoyed reading all of your fabulous answers!! Nice to see that we have the same interest in shows and/or books, wonderful news of new life, vacations and fall dreams, love it! I thought I talked too much about my addiction but I am glad that I am not alone. :) I thought I would answer some of the questions that were posted to me as well but first my Hills Recap! Okay can LC and Lo be any more clueless?! I mean wth, did they really not think Spencer was not going to come wish his sister a happy birthday, come on ladies lets be real!!! Can I say it again, Doug, varoooom, he is so cute!! The conversation between he and LC was when I really truly believed that the show is scripted. Doug asking about the history with Stephanie, Spencer and Lo, he could care less about that drama, you know?! But you know what I am going to say next....I am going to keep watching simply for the fact of the owner blasting the ex PR chick at the dinner table. She is ruthless, lol!!! The show does has it's glimmering moments. Another tidbit fact is that Stephanie gets paid $8,000 per/ episode and Lo gets $10,000!!! I couldn't believe that, wth?!! They are my least fav on the show, they should get paid zero!! LC gets $75,000 and Spencer/Heidi $65,000 each and Audrina $10,000 an episode, I am thinking I need to start up some whack reality show to get paid, who is with me?! lol My super sleuth sis keeps me in the know! :)

Saadiq had a great first day at school! He loves his teacher which is always a plus!! :) He had a review list in his bookbag and on it is had what do you want to learn in the upcoming year- he said he wanted to learn harder math!! Proud for him but yuck for mommy, it was not my strong suit in school. I loved English and History, but I know he can do it! :)

I think I will do a video blog soon, to review the upcoming fall season and just talk about random things. :) I love The Cleaner too, hello Benjamin Bratt is so hot!!! He is one my all time favs and Law and Order alum! :) I haven't watched Big Brother since Will won!!! Yep, that long ago, just lost my interest I guess.

I can't share any of my MMM entries until after my term. However our Believe layouts will be in the January issue I think. If any of the other entries are published you will get to see them before next August. I will for sure share them next year if they are not published! I do have my first assignment in hand so you will see it in print really soon! ;) I will be posting to the Master's blog every Friday!! :) I will have projects and tips posted there that will be exclusive to that blog. :)

I am ready for some football, however I am bummed that Jason Taylor just got injured!:(

Hopefully he will have a fast recovery!!

Not sure if I am going to watch the new 90210, they totally dissed my girl Tori! I will have to see if it lives up to the buzz. The young cutie from the Wire is on it is so, I may peak at it just to see him play a new character...

well that is it, have a good one!



  1. Can't wait to see your Fab entries!!! Congrats to the winners!

  2. Yay girls!

    I know....Ben IS hot!

  3. ~oooo, I won! Thanks Vee!! What a blessing!! thanks so very much!!!
    ~ I forgot to comment about the shows... I'm really dying for LOST to start up again.. those writerslove to keep us hanging.. can't wait for Grey's either.
    ~oh yes Benjamin Bratt is hot... I must agree..
    ~I may get into some football this year depending on how the Texans and Cowboys play this
    ~I was thinking of watching the new 90210 too, I may catch the first few episodes..
    ~thanks again~and CONGRATS can't wait to see your work in print! HUGS

  4. TOTALLY w/ you re: The Cleaner Vee. That show is AWESOME! BB is soo intense in it. Not to mention he's hotter than ever (if possible)!

  5. I love The Cleaner too. Do you ever catch Baldwin Hills?

  6. Holy crap I had no idea they get paid that much. And seriously, you just KNEW S and H would show up. It's MTV for goodess sake! I'll keep watching too. Just waiting for Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill next week!

  7. I'd love to see you do a video blog :)

  8. maybe i could make a tiny guest appearance on your show? lol. i hope the hills never ends (so long as we want to watch it, ha!). they be like 60, moved down to florida, but still brought the drama to their new retirement community :) i'd watch then too :)

    seriously. congrats again and again on MMM :) so happy for you vee! have a great rest of the week! (and a long weekend too!)

  9. I'll be checking the MMM blog every Friday for your articles! So awesome!

  10. Congratulations on your MMM win!! And I love your dish on The Hills, lol! I missed this week's episode so hopefully, I can catch it on another airing. And I agree, Lo and Stephanie should get zero! Well, I think Heidi and Spencer should get zero too, ha! Wonder how much Brody gets?

  11. congrats to the winners.

  12. Happy day Vee TAG you're it xo xo xo

  13. I hate to admit it but I cant miss an episode of The Hills.
    When I saw how much they made an episode, I too thought of what I could do on a reality show. Even one episode would make me happy!

  14. Can't wait to see your work in MM!

  15. You need to move closer so we can drool over Benjamin Bratt, watch football and let the kiddos play... :)

  16. i just got caught up on the hills last night...

    ...heidi is a future abused wife! for real...spencer is the biggest (insert swear word) EVER

    ...lo is a WITCH. seriously i hate her and shes UGLY i think her ugliness inside makes her more ugly outside. plus she totally makes lauren act like a high school MEAN GIRL not thrilled that justin bobby is back...but he looks like a new and improved version so i'll wait and see on that whitneys new much more entertaining than lisa love...haaahaa

    ...i wanted to like stephanie but shes TOTALLY a pot stirrer and she enjoys that role

    ok...sorry to ramble on...cant wait to check back for your insights the rest of the season :)


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