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It is Monday, I can serious say it isn't that bad being Monday because I am enjoying the memories of my weekend. We had a great one indeed, really enjoyed watching the Olympics too. Even though the women's gymnastics team almost gave us a heart attack! I love cheering on team USA, especially when we do well, like last night in swimming. woot! What are some of your favorite sports? We love synchronize diving, high dive, individual swim events, gymnastics, basketball and athletics.

other things making this Monday awesome:
* taking ttv photos
* early morning scrapping
* plans set for new tattoo
* studio calico kit arrived
*feels like fall is on the way

my take on dare 103:
swwet (dare 103)
I am so in love with jenni bowlin's rubons, thought they would look cute in the grass download.
I had some questions about the inspiration board, it was easy to make, I just covered a corkboard from here with fabric by staple gunning it with one of those heavy duty staple guns you see on home improvement shows. It is easy to tack all your goodies to the board with the cork behind it. ;)
well that is all i have for today! ;)


  1. We love the Olympics! Swimming, diving, gymnastics, basketball, track and field, etc! We love it all! Gorgeous LO girl! That cupcake looks yummy!

  2. mmmmmm yummy cupcake
    can i have that?
    love that it's got woodgrain
    great texture and fun grass!
    ps: i had a heart attack watching the girls gymnastics too!!! sheesh. LOL

  3. I love what you did with the download!!

  4. this is very awesome! I love me some gymnastics and thought we lost it after the uneven bars! phew! can't wait for track and field.

  5. Whoa, love the inspiration board it looks fabulous. Great page for the Dare.

  6. bad - the fact that i have been horrible at all things blog related.

    awesome - there is so much lovely too catch up on here at your blog! love!

    p.s. you were robbed!

  7. i love the background so much!

  8. great Lo, have fun with the kits, and yes, after the french swimmers trash talked I was all, YOU go team USA!! LOL.

  9. I love your layout. I agree....cupcakes, peanut m & m's, and oreos should all have their own food group.

  10. VEE! Happy Wednesday :) Secondly, what a lovely layout. Third, new tattoo plans? FUN! And Lastly, Basketball :) And swimming and gym... wait, maybe all of it, lol :) Ha!


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