change is good.

Change is good, I had to move some furniture around yesterday in our living room to change things up a bit and make the space a little more functional. I believe in a well lived in environment (home) for our household. None of that you can't have kids stuff here or touch this in our house, so I always have kid elements in the living room since that is where we spend most of our time. I took a few pictures, need a wide angle lens, so can't see the entire room.
creative corner

I added these hooks a few weeks ago, a place to hang there packs when they come home. I also added some new frames to the picture wall, you can see it in the mirror reflection. :)


Who watched the Hills last night?! Is it me or is LC crazy, I mean she dumped Doug! Personally I would have not cared if he dated a friend of mine, if I dumped him. Don't even get me started on Spencer, he is such a jerk!!! I would never let some dude talk to my mom like that! Heidi is so clueless!! I made some layouts for the Dozens kits, totally made me step away from my colors and I loved it. I need to watch last night's Gossip but Blair better watch out for Serena! OMG, I think I am going to enjoy Serena being the queen B. I loved the exit scene last week was so fierce! Here are a few layouts from the sept./oct. kit, totally enjoyed using the bold colors in this kit! Have a great day! xo

exp(x) love

hello sunshine


  1. Positively delightful! Both the pages AND the pictures of your home! So special.

    Have a fantastic Tuesday!!!

  2. Killer pages!
    I need to find a rerun of TH. I missed it last night.

  3. See, i don't have to watch the hills when i already get great commentary from give us all the best parts! And wow, you created kewl projects whoo hoo on stepping outside your color zone!

  4. yes,
    change is
    very good.

    love the placement of your pics
    right under the mirror!!
    and how helpful are those hooks?!
    i put some in the girl one's room
    and there is a lot less mess in there!!

  5. LOVEEEEE your pages girl. Im with ya on the living room being LIVED IN. I dont have all that no touchy stuff either... It looks like we do actually live in this house rofl (sometimes a little too lived in haha)

  6. Gorgeous layouts!! Love the pink paint and how you used that die cut paper.

  7. love love loooove that sunshine layout!!

  8. Love your LO's! Girl I hear ya...we live in EVERY room in our house lol

  9. Love the sneaky peek into your home (I'm nosey, no denying it!) and fab LO too :)

  10. love your house and the LO's Vee!!! hugs :)

  11. Love those 2 layouts! So bright and fun..
    That's so funny I just blogged about my frames that I hung up too! Must be a changing seasons thing!

  12. I soooo love your new layouts. And I love the new Dozens much fun!
    Yeah, I missed Gossip Girl last night, so I guess I am going to have to catch the rerun on SUnday.
    Have a great week!

  13. Change is good isn't it! Love the pages, as always you did a wonderful job!

  14. Anonymous11:29 PM

    i've been visiting your blog..and i find it so refreshing...i love your lo's....
    ok, the hills....uuughh that spencer is such a *sob*....of course heidis mom has him all sized just waiting for heidi to catch up. doesn't she tivo the show? lol
    him...i moved my furniture around about 2 wks ago and am gonna hang some new pics in some new frames i picked up @ the 99 cents store...
    thnx for sharing
    lynda in calif

  15. I'm so in love with those puffy letters - are they AC? oh, I love the new header too :D

  16. cute cute pics, love the los, the hooks are perfect... i need some, we have been using a doorknob! LOL!!


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