hello fall.

vee hates the word wackadoodle
stella is freaking awesome
the queens are even more awesome
why is jerell so greasy?
Tim is still the man
fashions are a little B- - this season
As you can see a Monday off watching all the dvr'ed episodes of Project Runway is a day well spent!

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes for my sister, she enjoyed reading them! She had a pretty spectacular weekend! :) We had so much fun and lots of outside time, the weather was perfect. We broke out the sidewalk chalk and played hop-scotch!

So looking forward to Heroes tonight, this season looks blazing! I also loved the latest episodes of True Blood and Supernatural!

good times mini
Did a little scrappin' this weekend, finished up this mini for pdw.
Well off to get ready to watch some gossip and chill for the night!


  1. Don't hate me b/c I love whackadoodle. LOL! I also love "cuckoo for cocoa puffs."

  2. true blood was good... watching heroes now.

  3. hi! love the mini album! that sassafrass bunny is my fav.!!

  4. girl. i think whackadoodle is so funny! and Tim is the man! :)
    We're anxiously awaiting Heroes too! :)

  5. Duh. I love that photo by the way, and cute mini! love the strips!

  6. glad you and your sister had such a fun weekend!! :)

  7. Did you crack up laughing when Tim tried on some new vocabulary?! Go Tim!

    Lovin' the Bunny!!

  8. just came by to say HI sweetie!!! Hope all is going wonderful in your world!! HUGS!!!

  9. LOL! Where OH where did you get that adorable little book? Loved what you did with it, too :)

  10. I loved the queens episode. I think though my favorite is Korto. I know she will be in the top 3!

  11. No. I don't like whackadoodle either. But, I do say scrump-didly-umptious. Tacky, uh?

    I don't know if S can pull of being as much of a "B" as B can..you know?

    another B

  12. jerell is my favorite!!

    and i'm not a fan of whackadoodle either...

  13. Love the pic and your cute little mini!

  14. wow- how i love your mini!
    pure goodness :)

  15. Pic,fabulous..mini ..fabulous ..um Project Runway OFF the chain, Ima need that whiney lil Kinsey or whatever her name is to be ELIMINATED she is getting on my nerves, and that replica of hip hop was a DISASTER..nuff said. LOL .. girl how is your day? LOL

  16. LOL @ Vee talking in third person and I don't like wackadoodle either. (don't try to hard to come up with your own 'fierce,' ya know?)

    and yeah, jerell is greasy and I think he cuts up all of his t-shirts to make his tank tops. they're very low-cut + ew.


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