pump your brakes friday edition

It is Friday, love me a short week, but I digress because I may will be working in the rain tomorrow. Oy, so think about me tomorrow when you are nice a dry inside, I will be here probably getting wet. Better yet can you do a rain dance so that everyone is happy and dry! It is for a good cause so it is all good!:)

It's Friday and I have an entry on the MMM blog here! I love ttv, so addicting except I need to make a prettier contraption, it is pretty ugly so I didn't post it on the blog, lol. The post explains it better, so if you are interested check out! :) You can do this with photoshop actions as well but I love the process of taking the pictures with the ttv contraption the best!

You ladies have some awesome fun facts about yourself. I really enjoyed them all some of which I do as well!! I sing funny songs to my children about random things, I love to recite lines from movies although my sister is much better at it than me and I have way too much paper in my scrap space!

I thru the numbers in random generator and it picked:
June said...
Good morning from Ohio...Thanks for the chance to win this kit...Something fun about me...I don't like heights...even standing on a ladder to do windows has me hangin on to something...go figure...
11:54 AM
June email me your address and I will send it to All Moments Remembered! :) My email is under my profile pic :)
new home
A layout I made for the gallery at the Dozens. I guess it is safe to talk about gossip?! If you haven't watched it don't read pass this....

I love seeing Chuck so vulnerable and in love but then he ruined it at the end of the show! I am so happy that Serena and Dan are back together!! It was good show, love how they had a white party like Diddy in th Hamptons, the fashion was awesome actually liked a lot of Blair's outfits and that is usually not the case. It will be fun to see if Jenni will continue to be humble, she was not my favorite character last season. So happy it is back on! :) Did anyone look at 90210? I think I may catch it in the reair.
Well gotta go, have an awesome weekend!


  1. Have a great weekend!!

  2. WooHoo!! Congratulations June!!

    Thanks, Vee, for the fun giveaway!

  3. great blog, V.
    I'll be back ... enjoy the w/end, even so...

  4. That layout is so fun! I don't know if I want Blair and Chuck to get together. The tensionis so hot. He never really did it for my but you're right, there's something sensitive about his vulnerability. 90210 started out slow but picked up...lots of prettypeople and DRAMA!

  5. Great page! I'm off to check your entry at the MMM blog!

  6. CONGRATS JUNE!!!! Thanks V Sweetie for doing this!! I am loving the layout Karla did of us four!!

  7. congrats to June and love the new Lo Vee!! :) can't wait to text you next Wednesday!! LOL.

  8. Love your fun layout with the splash of paint! :)

  9. what a fun mix-y match-y random-y layout!

  10. gotta check out your MMM blog. I bet it is awesome. I love how you used the paint. very cool.

  11. Love ttv. I have to make a contraption & try it out. Where is the MMM blog? My car crayola...well she's red. Have a great weekend!

  12. ok...i am really dumb but i have to ask...i love your pictures Vee but what is ttv? I told you I was dumb....

    btw...love the layout!!! And, personally I liked 90210...but i'm a sucker for shows like that :)

  13. Hey Vee! fun layout!! love the paint!
    off to check out MMMblog, oh I forgot to set the dvr for 90210...
    have a blessed weekend!

  14. Oh my gosh, totally. Chuck is always screwing up things, even when Blair gave him a second chance to say the words. Love that S & D are back together as well. And I love that Eric is back and not blonde, lol.

  15. Hey Vee, love your blog!!! I missed out on the giveaway...hopefully next time. Have a great weekend chickie!! Hugs! Julie

  16. awesome layout...and i loveeeee your banner! you are great as usual!

  17. Danielle11:12 AM

    Hi, just found your blog-love it! I'm adding you to my blog/list of people so I'll be able to check in reguarly.
    It rained here like a hurricane (well, there was a small one they say here, but it's Philadelphia, it rains hard here...)and I was soaked, so I feel for you working outside.
    I love this layout, too, very cool chair-I need to hussle over to The Dozens and see if there's more...
    ciao, d.

  18. Vee, did you survive the rain we had Sat? I thought about you having to work.Yikes girl!

  19. hey girl...glad you survived the rain. The post at MMM was awesome. And I love the layout!

  20. Hey girl! Yeah, I watched 90210...and it was ok. I really dont' know if I will like it yet or not. lol I don't think that makes sense..but, I just wasn't going OMG through the whole thing. But, probably b/c I need to watch more and get to know the characters. But, I am a fanatic for GG!! Yay!



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