hi monday, wish you were a sunday.

hey, hey.... it's Monday!
-lost my work keys :( way to go Veronica, had to get the building maintenance to let me into my office.
-looking for some awesome black jeans or so blue they look black, got any suggestions? I need must have stretch so if you have a pair that you love, leave me a comment! thanks!! :)
-in love with thermals especially the ones from the gap and scarfs. Winter is not my favorite season but I do love to layer so +five.
-gossip is on tonight and I can't wait, total highlight for Mondays.
-two Christmas presents purchased!!! :)

I took this picture last week, thought it would be fun to post, totally love InStyle's in your bag section on their website, yay I am nosey. It is unreal and cool to see how much some people carry in their bag! I don't even think I carried that much stuff when s2 were babies. If you want to play or start a blog tag, leave me your link in my comment's section and pass it on... I need to do a new one since I am carrying a bigger bag now which I love (Blake).

what's in my bag...
j crew make up bag

chanel blue satin nail polish
blackberry pearl
tano wallet
coach change purse
remake notebook
bag:kooba dylan

I did scrap over the weekend, xo!



  1. LOL I love Mondays too... One Tre Hill! Micah makes so much fun of me for that too! :)

  2. Seriously, how do you keep your purse so dang neat?? Mine looks like a hot mess...everything just sinks to the bottom! LOL!!

  3. my favorite jeans are:
    J Brand
    Robin's Jean
    good luck :)
    also love your pages!!

  4. Love the scrappiness! And I must admit... as much as I loooove me some handbags, I end up stuffing my necessities inside my coat pockets. Or hoodie pockets. Whichever. :)

  5. Have a Happy Handmade Holiday's! Spread the word! For more information visit http://emkaysmind.blogspot.com/

  6. vee, i missed like four posts while away... holy i love it all. and i just started gathering my stuff for dec. daily. wish me luck to actually do it, lol.

    AWESOME pages ;)

  7. Girl my purse will NEVER look like that!

  8. I love that last layout! So cute.

  9. I think I am going to have to do the purse picture and capture. What a cool thing to do! I love the layouts! You do colors so so well!

  10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/kristina_contes/2767170880/

    omg. we did NOT both take pictures of the chanel in our handbags. what is wrong with us!!!!????

  11. Love the pages.
    Great idea to do the purse challenge (I just cleaned and purged mine!)

  12. Love the photo of your purse! I'm not a fan of Monday's either. I adore your new pages!

  13. Mondays suck!!! love the scrappies lady and your oh, so organized purse!

  14. Oh, I love the In Your Purse section too!! Cute bag from what I can see. Never heard of Kooba Dylan. Gotta google it. :-)


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