miss you long time...

Welcome december, last month of the year! I can not believe 2008 is almost dunzo.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving,hope you did as well! B and I saw Four Christmases on Saturday, we are both BIG Vince Vaughn fans and he did not disappoint. He is so freaking hilarious and I just want to hug him through the screen. He looks like a good hugger, no?! The movie was awesome and so funny! We spent a lot of time looking at movies this weekend (thank goodness for netflix), love that we both like the same movies, most of the time...

christmas early.

Fun escapades in shopping on Friday with my mom and scored an early Christmas gift, that I totally love. I think it will be the first page in my December Daily. I can't wait to start documenting Christmas. I have some fun things in store for the children, we are going to bake gingerbread cookies for scratch this year instead of making gingerbread houses, putting up our decorations this weekend which includes the tree and hoping to get out to the Nation's tree lighting event. Not to sure about the later since it is during rush hour but still have it on the doc. We always drive around town to see Christmas lights in town, one of our favorite family traditions. :)


I did get a little creative over the holiday and made this layout for the dares not a swap post. Well it is back to grind, so I will check you later...


  1. LOVE the "ECP" (Early Christmas Present, as they are known in our house!). The LO is gorgeous as usual. I love that wreath, too.

  2. nice dare... annnnd I love the cherish! :)

  3. What a lovely necklace! Love the lo btw.

  4. i absolutely love all of your layouts you do! [and the gap commercial you have a few posts below is awesome!]


  5. rawkin the dares!
    Love it! :D

  6. Cool necklace and layout! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I sure did, but I am wore out today! lol
    Can't wait for GG tonight.

  7. YAY!
    love the cherish layout!

  8. great gift! i love tiffany&co. love the ball chain and how you can have interchangable charms.

  9. Wow! love the necklace and the layout is super cute!!! You totally inspire me to wanna create!!!

  10. I LOVE that necklace!! Great photo of it too! :)

  11. eeek!! well, vince baby...i think i was ACTUALLY in love with him about 10 years ago - he's delish. (-; and the necklace...o...m...g...stunning. so cute. i'm so jealous. (-;

  12. That early Christmas present is so beautiful...lucky girl! OMG just finished Twilight (in 2 days) I am hooked - I should've listened to you a long time ago!

  13. great gift! loving the layouts with the multiple,different sized photos.. i really need to get into the spirit.sp

  14. oh that necklace is awesome! I have 3 Tiffany's necklaces and a bracelet and i adore them. They go with anything. :] what a special gift!

  15. Love love love that necklace!! The layout is awesome too! i just love this time of year too!!

  16. you are the awesomeness
    you truly are
    LOVE that necklace
    girl that is awesome :)
    i think I'll take one too ha!
    for now, I'll just enjoy seeing yours.


  17. every girl loves that seeing that special trademark blue ;) so fantastic!

    Dude! love your dare feature and layout! so rad... and can't wait to see your dec. pgs. pop up. i'm gonna do it too :)

    happy holidays, woohoo :) i feel some short work days/weeks this month! yay.

  18. seeing the tiffany gift reminds me how I still need to find a anniversary gift...I just never know what to buy!!!! LOL


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