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You know it is my favorite day of the week! I am so happy it is Friday, so much closer to next week and Thanksgiving! I love family time and cooking with my mommy:) I try to make everyday a great day even thru the days when things are less than great. I made this mini canvas as a reminder to be great, I posted an entry to the MMM blog today that explains how I made it, you can see the post here.

I also finished up my gallery for pdw, here is one of the layouts. We loved Opryland so much so I wanted to include as many photos as possible on the layout. I know... I do make multiphoto layouts not just that often, so close your mouth, jk. :)

opryland love

I haven't posted a Hills recap in a minute so I guess it is time...
-Can't believe Audrina really believes that Justinbobby will be into their "relationship", loved her sister reaction to her reasoning about them. She is still my girl though...
-Lauren is a boob, how can you take Holly in but not have anything to do with Heidi? It makes no sense!
-So happy someone finally gave Heidi an ounce, just an ounce of sense. She finally stood up to Spencer, even though it was totally lost on that dude.
-Can't wait to see next week's episode when Lauren plays the victim yet again...geez!

On tap for the weekend, twilight tomorrow!!! I am totally conflicted on seeing it though, heard bad reviews, not that in love with the actress that is playing bella, feel like I have seen the movie already, for sure that we (B and i) are going to the oldest ones there, the "running and matrix-y scences bother me .... but those are issues I have to work thru. lol, going thrifting too, hoping to find a good find, we will see! Have a great weekend!
-out, xo


  1. Love that multi photo layout, so pretty. No snow for me, no snow pics. Ha! I heard the same reviews about Twilight, let us know what you think!

  2. Anonymous11:17 AM

    what a creatu=ive way to show multiple pics - i love it! robin

  3. i love your blog!!! so i give you this price!!
    really beautiful layouts!!!

  4. beautiful page, love all the gorgeous pics.

  5. Totally awesome new layout!
    And I heard there were ALL ages at the Twilight movies.
    I think the mini canvas is so beautiful!

  6. well, what did you think of twilight? i've never been around so many squealing teenage girls! LOL i'm not that crazy about the actress they chose to be bella, but she did ok. the thing that was REALLY cheesy to me was Carlisle! man, he was beyond weird looking!!!

  7. Hi. I'm just getting into the who new world of scrapbooking and I've stumbled across your site. Great blog. Lots of visually exciting and stimulating stuff. Creative & inspiring. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  8. Anonymous2:42 PM

    i enjoyed twilight, and i agree with carlisle...they over did it just a little with his complection. there we're mostly "adults" at the time i went, but i heard the midnite showing was kaos. i had issues with seeing it too! but now i look forward to the other two!
    lynda in calif

  9. Hey Vee! I finally found a way to watch current Hills episodes in London and now I can read your comments and understand what is going on. I love reading your blog because I love seeing another "mom" is into Hills and Twilight and GG!! Hope you have a great Turkey Day.


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