10 to Santa

We have ten days until Christmas!!! Where does the time go?! I remember as a child it seemed liked it took forever for Christmas to come! That is not the case as an adult, the days don't seem to slow down one bit! This is the last week my children are in school, they are out for TWO weeks!! lol, it is all good because I will be with them too, this is my last full week of work too, yipee!!! :) A new jack will be up today, this is my take on it :) It feels like I haven't done a layout in forever, but anywho....

jack 41

I created some more daily pages too! The mini is getting nice and chunky just the way I like them to be!

december 8.

december 9.

december 10.

I am so looking forward to Heroes tonight! I LOVE the Haitian, especially now that he is talking, sexy right!! hmmmm... I can't wait for Peter to get his powers back, I am thinking they are there he just doesn't know it yet. We are getting closer to LOST, it is going to totally save tv! :)


  1. What a fabulous stunning blog you have. I just LOVE your work and your aesthetic! I'm adding you to my reader RIGHT NOW.

    Oh, and I see from your sidebar that you are a grey's fan. what's your take on the denny ghost? i'm at the point where I just wish izzy would get on with things, realize how freaking hard alex is trying, and let that be that! give me a tortured soul of a doctor over a dead guy any day :)

  2. wow, these are gorgeous.
    i keep saying Im going to a daily, but it never happens... good for you!

  3. hi vee,
    happy monday! awesome work as always. love the lil reindeer man running in your lo.

  4. NO new GG tonight? Boo...
    I am so loving how your dec daily album is turning out.
    And your latest layout is looks wicked cool!
    Hope you are having a good Monday!

  5. I really love your sense of style and design, that layout is awesome!

  6. Diana Willis8:22 PM

    I love your daily and you are so right, time does not slow down at all when you get old(er) haha - I am talking about me just so you know. Enjoyed your update today, thanks!


  7. Beautiful! I want to do a daily in January!

  8. Lovin' your daily pages! So inspiring.

  9. Dude. We didn't watch Heroes yet.. Am I gonna freak out, Le chic cest chic or what! lol. I can't believe the time is just escaping me. Oy. Yay for taking an entire week off... I"m with you :) xo!!!!!

  10. PS - your December Daily makes me all warm and happy inside. omg, that thing is a beauty!

  11. love all of these! love the daily book! i think i need to start one at some point.... maybe a new years resolution!

  12. am loving this layout-very fresh and I too love the reindeer "person"...can we scrap together sometime?? I'm down the street in Howard County!


  13. This daily album might be my favorite of your creations yet. AWESOME!!


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