gabs and a giveaway

I've been to Target everyday this week, what is up with that? Well I picked up some jammies for s2 for Christmas she obsessed loves the princess ones from Christmas last year so much so that she has worn holes in them. Yes, she other jim jams but she prefers her cinderella ones the most! So mommy santa was good and picked up some last night, a two pack no less and marked down, BAM! I also wanted to spruce my room up a little to reflect the holidays, so I picked up some red pillowcases yesterday and another trip today because I forgot my polaroid film, oy! :)

Okay,I do not shop at Toys R Us often, well ever.... but is it me or is the set up of the store confusing as crap?! I must have spent thirty minutes trying to navigate my way thru that maze and people before I found out that what I was looking for was no longer in stock, thanks Geoffrey!

I received a copy of the Jan issue of Memory Makers and one of my MMM contest entries is in it. the believe layout:

some daily pages:

december 11.12.

My tv recap:

Heroes was the bommmmmmmmmmmmmmmb this week! I loved it and then they spring on me that it will not be back on until February, my sister and I were like ugh!! Do not read this part if you haven't watched it....................................

so GLAD PETER GOT HIS POWERS BACK!!! IT IS ABOUT TIME!!! I hate his brother what a butt! Do you think Gabriel is dead, will Hiro get his powers back?

Grey's has been good this season but I am a little tired of the Denny and Izy storyline. I love Denny and glad to be looking at his handsome face but it is whack. My sister and I think she has a brain tumor, she we have diagnosed her based on an old episode of SVU, chuckles. I love McSteamy more than ever, he makes the show for me, Mere still annoys the heck out of me and Little Grey is running a close second.


I have an awesome giveaway from Studio Calico today. Please leave me a comment,about your quest to get ready for the holidays. I will pick two winners tomorrow!


  1. First of all, CONGRATS on getting published! YAY!

    Second, let me just say that my quest has been lengthy. I can't wait to get home from college and give my family all the gifts I've been working on for so long! I've made all of my gifts this year! Paintings, cook books, embroideries, and more! I'm so so proud of myself! :]

  2. My quest is to simply just get in the spirit of Christmas. I went through a rough time last Christmas and I think it has just spoiled the holidays for me. Bad memories just keep popping up. I'm getting all the gifts bought, I barely decorated though. I did make my cards, but mostly I am just praying that I get out of this funk and get jolly!

    Congrats on getting published!

  3. My quest is to get my handmade presents finished up!

  4. I am actually very fortunate in that I have very little to do, however, I do have a couple of big things to do. I need to decide on something to make and make it for my parents and I need to make the project that I already decided on for my husband! I guess it's just because those are such important gifts that I am concerned about them.

    Congratulations on your published page and I love the projects you shared!

  5. Okay, first I wanted to comment because of your/our love for Hero! I loved it Monday night.....but it bites that it will not be back on until February. And the izzy/denny thing is getting on my nerves, I do think she is going to leave the show. I've been watching Private Pratice and it's slowly replacing Grey's from me, though I still watch it.

    I saw your pretty little face in MM, many congrats to you. So good to see some color in those magazines! LOL Love the daily, I gave up, I can't keep up.

    Okay, so my quest...I'm finish! I only have my parents to buy and that's only because I have no idea what to get them. The house is decorated, and I'm almost finish wrapping all the gifts for the kids. This week I'm going to turn on my Christmas playlist, sing and drink eggnog! Have a good one!!

  6. Oh my. That is a gorgeous kit! ;) I am getting ready to fly out tomorrow for my parent's, and am really hoping that the weather in the Chicago/lakeshore area stays ok so we can finish up our trip safely and quickly! :)

  7. I would LOVE this mini album giveaway. :) That would be too cool. My quest this year is to get my cards out! I am so behind... :)

  8. Congrats on the page. My quest this year is to stay out of Target (and other stores). For presents this year I have vowed to give only handmade or books from the Library book store. thanks for the chance to win.

  9. Love how your Dec. Daily is coming along!! You're scaring me with the Toys R US story!! I don't shop there often either, but have to go later today or tomorrow - it's the only place that still has an item my son has been asking for. NOT looking forward to it!! Think it's too late to order on-line and not pay thru the nose for shipping??? NOT!! Congrats on your pub!! As far as my quest - for the moment, it is to NOT SPREAD THE EVIL COLD/FLU bug I have to the rest of my family!! I can deal with being sick, I can't deal with nursing a bunch of sickies back to health - especially the hubby!! LOL!

  10. Nicol W.11:30 AM

    i have really been enjoying your december daily album. very cool. i loved the altered playing cards. my quest for this year has included my december daily album. i've been focusing on making memories with my family and preserving those memories. i am trying to make this season more about family and traditions and less about commercialism. hope you have a happy holidays!

  11. congratulations- very exciting to see your work in print!!!
    ok, don't laugh, but yeah, i was in denial that xmas is in fact next week. last night, when i realized it at bbb, i was horrified! not only am i oh so not done shopping, yeah, i now get to try to send stuff out on time. yikes!
    happy wed!

  12. first: Congrats for Memory Makers publication! Your layout is perfect!

    and your christmas daily album is awesome!

    second: I love your TV recap. I see Grey's and Heroes on the web...
    I think like you for Izy & Denny.

  13. I've been completely inspired by your December Daily albums which has been much needed.

    My quest... well, this is the first year that I've worked full time (aka I just graduated into the real world) so finding time to make my traditional ornaments and purchase gifts as well as bake has been hard. And I've also developed the problem of buying things for myself when I go out to purchase gifts for my family. It's a bad problem that I really should break.

    Merry Christmas!

  14. fun post!!!

    1. I am about to start my Christmas shopping any minute now!

    2. Love love lvoe the daily Christmas journal of yours, Vee!!!

    3. congrats on the publication!!

    4. no Heroes for me until Mr Gorgeous buys me the whole series on DVD...hmmmmm...good gift for him!

    5. Grey's *sigh* I would welcome a brain tumor for Izzy!! and loving Christina's new love interest!!! AND OMGosh, if Callie doesn't change her ways, I'm boycotting!!! :) sorry...a bit passionate about Grey's! LOL!!

    6. Thanks for the chance to win such a fun gift!!


  15. I still haven't done my Christmas shopping! I am off Friday, so my quest will be to suck it up, get out there & get it done! Jessica info(at)funkyfinds(dot)us

  16. Well, I still haven't finished shopping and my cards have not gone out, but it is what it is. I will not be stressed. So what if people get their cards on the 26TH? It's the thought tht counts. hahahaha

    I have plans to scrap but if it doesn't happen then eventually I know it will get done.

    I love your layout! It is absolutely perfect!

    Happy Holidays and thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Vee, I know what you mean about Heroes. I llove these recent episodes so much. Too bad we have to wait till February for more. But Lost is coming soon!

    I just have a few things left to buy and will finish on Saturday.

    Love your December daily.

  18. my quest has been trying to get things done (shopped, wrapped, decorated, etc.) while juggling a 2 year old and 2 month old! :)

  19. Congrats on being published!!!

    I've been having a hard time with the holidays this year and for a holiday that's my most favorite, it seems like it gets harder and harder every year and that makes me sad. :( I have not purchased one single gift. Not one. How awful is that??? I gotta really get my butt in gear!

    What a fabulous giveaway! I hope I win! That would make me cheer up a little!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. Oooh. I can't wait to get my MM mag! My quest for the holidays is just about finished up. All I have left to do is the local kind of last minute stuff like wine and cheese and candy. Boring stuff:)

  21. How did you manage to get such an AWESOME giveaway!??

    Christmas qwest. Currently, FINISH SHOPPINg for family that lives on the other side of the country and get their gifts mailed ASAP (hopefully in time for Christmas). And you would NOT believe how hard it is to find a credit card sized wallet calculator for my grandpa?! :)

  22. congrats on being published, what a big news!!!!!!!!! yeahhh

    love your daily december!!!!

  23. Anonymous3:08 PM

    wow what a cool mini album. Love your believe layout - congrats!
    My quest is to finish up my DHs annual album which is his gift every year..its always a stress to do but worth every minute once he opens it.. i have made him one every year since we 13 years.
    Merry Christmas and thanks for the chance of some SC goodness. - hera

  24. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Well here's to me getting ready for the holidays. My mother will be in from the states on Friday night. I have made a list for each night this week. My kids don't understand why, in their words, I am running around acting like "hitler" as no one is going to care but me. CRAZY I tell ya!!
    Merry Christmas to one and all!!

    DeAnn Lopetrone, Alaska

  25. hey vee!
    congrats on the publish gig! awesome.
    my quest this year since money isn't as abundant as we are used to having it's really about making the most of the season and enjoying through the eyes of kids in hopes that they'll never know this christmas was "lean" one.

  26. congrats! loving your december daily!

    my christmas journey was procrastinated til this week and of course i have the making as many handmade things as i can from bed has been a challenge!

    happy holidays!

  27. Oh, I love the LO in the MMMagazine. SO, SO beautiful!! Congrats! :) You are SO talented, and I really LOVE to pop into your blog to get inspiration and to look at all the beautiful stuff you share. :) Your December daily is so awesome too (you know - I have told you before ;) )
    And - yes, I LOVE giveaways - but - I'm not the winner-kinda-girl - so I hardly ever - or well - ever - get anything - anyhow fun to join :)
    Have a great week - just 7 days to go! :)

  28. Rachel Kulak6:09 PM

    I swear by Etsy and Amazon for my Christmas shopping this year! Its made everything so much easier. I absolutely love your pages in your christmas daily book! Can't wait to see the rest...

  29. Oh man! How exciting to get the magazine with you as the MMM! :) As for my quest to prepare for the holidays... I think it's mainly just putting together new decorations for my new house. I'm hoping to be done before Christmas! haha

  30. I'm almost finished with shopping. And I still have a bunch of baking left to do.

    And we have to get packed up and make a drive from SC to NJ on Tuesday afternoon. I'm praying that traffic and the weather will be good for that.

  31. quest...hmmm...all my shopping is done but...well I still have all my handmade gifts to make! I'm talking gifts, cookies, candies, all that jazz! I'm going to go in serious crazy Christmas lady panic mode starting Friday!

  32. I saw you in MM! AWESOME! Huge congrats! :)

  33. How awesome it must be to see your own work published in a major magazine!!!!
    i'm an empty nester so i devised a way to spend more time with my kids this season... Christmas once a week in december.Of course they jumped at the chance for a gift exchange each week.we meet once a week and do something fun and open gifts. dec 1st we went to a Casting Crowns concert. Week 2 was a monopoly game (i lost). week 3 we're going to see "4 Christmases" and week 4 is Christmas breakfast.
    oddly enough it hasn't felt like a lot of work. we've had so much fun it may become a new tradition. i hope!! thanks, ms.cheryl

  34. my quest is not going as planned...but most of the presents are bought and now the big task of wrappign is in order for this coming weekend!!! yuck... i am just so excited to spend the time with family and knowing that this baby boy is alomost here will get me through it all! i saw your pages in the newest mm--it was so funny my husband and i were in the grocery store and i picked it up and saw your page and showed him and said this is vees page... and he says back "vee jennings" ... i obviosuly talk to much scrapping to him!!! i love that he listens though!!! so anywho your famous around our house!

  35. hey hey...long time no chat!!

    Congrats on your pub layout..all your layouts oh man!!!

    I'm glad all is going well for you
    Happy Holiday.

  36. Great to read about your pub! Congrats to you! Also, that Heroes was the "bomb". I watched it and was like, no I can't wait till Jan to see new episode!!!! Ughhhhhh!! Nice give away you are featuring! Thanks for chance to win!!!

  37. Congrats on your pub and your Dec. Daily is SOOooo inspiring. Great work. I've been trying to avoid the mall and go mostly with online shopping and handmade this year, but today I ended up there for some last minute stuff - including Target. :) Now I just have to work my fingers to finish all my handmade ideas! Not many days left!

  38. I just found your blog through your flickr, and I love your December Daily! Thanks for all the inspiration :) quest this Christmas is I'm flying off to the Philippines on Friday! It'll be a nice warm Christmas for me this year.

  39. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Hi Vee,

    Christmas is my favorite holiday, it gives me a "special" kind of feeling that I can't explain. We begin by setting the tree the Friday after Thanksgiving and I started a tradition for my little family: we each have a stocking, we do the 12 Days of Christmas, we celebrate with extended family on Christmas Eve and have our own dinner (a roast) on Christmas Day, which is when we open our presents. On Christmas Eve, we only give presents to the children and I bake my delicious butter pecan cookies and give a batch to each family, for them to enjoy on Christmas day. So, at this point, I need to get the ingredients for the cookies, I need to get 5 more tins (I got 6 already but want different patterns for the rest), I also need to get a Wilton cupcake tree for the cupcakes I am taking for the kids (I think it will be so cute!), need to pickup a few more bonus things I want to add to the stockings (the 12 gifts are already wrapped for every one). Then, all I will need to do on the 23rd is pickup the roast and trimmings for our dinner and bake in the evening the stuff for the 24th. I can't wait!!! Sorry for the long post, but I just LOVE Christmas!
    Mich (Chinelos)

  40. yay vee that is so exciting!

    i suppose my quest for the holidays will begin tomorrow when i go shopping at the outlet mall :)

  41. I swear, if it wasn't for McSteamy, I would have turned Grey's off a LONG time ago :)

    I definitely have to pick up a copy of MMM!!

  42. congrats for the publication!

    I'm trying to get my handmade presents finished up! (Maybe I should say start making my presents... but shh!! )

  43. My quest is to breathe..and enjoy!! ..on other words don't get too caught up in it..or stressed! :D

  44. My quest is to not be bothered by all the things I didn't get done, but enjoy our time together. Easier said than done. We still have a birthday to celebrate before Jesus' birthday. :)
    Glad to see you are well. Let's get together in the New Year!

  45. Congrats on the publication - your work is awesome as always!
    I'm not at all ready for christmas...but I've got it all perfectly planned in my head, so I hope I will be!

  46. Anonymous1:06 PM

    i am on a quest to finish my christmas cards TODAY! maybe they will make it to their new homes before 2009...robin h.

  47. Since I live in Spain, I never know if I get too late to these things... I'll try anyway :)

    I have to make my Xmas shopping in about... 3 days!!! well, hope so...

    Congrats for the publication!

  48. Target pumps crack through their air vents, I'm convinced. You rock, your stuff.

  49. ritar6:49 PM

    I finished my christmas cards last week, decorations are up and Sunday I finished shopping. Whoa! Whoa! I free to enjoy the holidays!

  50. Oh Girl! Congrats on the MM layout..that is too awesome...I would love to get my hands on that is too cool! Have a great day!

  51. My quest is to get better first, I've been coughing for a week. The worst thing is it keeps me awake so I'm as well. But now I finally believe that my system is not going to cure me and got a doctor's appointment fot today. Looking forwart to a good night's sleep and an active day tomorrow!

    Congrats on the layout, BEAUTIFUL!

  52. I could not stop laughing when I read your comment about Toys 'R Us, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!! Thank goodness I didn't have to go there too often, I ordered as much as I could online. Congratulations on the MM layout, it is beautiful.

  53. vee is my hero!
    love you
    i am trying to live more in the moment than ever- not trying to rush onto the next thing all the time. xo

  54. Congrats on getting your beautiful layout published. You are an incredible artist.

  55. Ok..the article--SO COOL!! I want to run right out and buy it! I'll have my mom get it in the states for me and send it along. Sadly, I desperately miss Target. When people ask "Do you miss anything from the US?", it is embarassingly Target.

  56. Vee,

    That's a cool little chipboard binder...where can I get one?


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