stuffed and happy.

I am back and settled in to the post Christmas routine. We had a wonderful holiday.
List of things enjoyed:
*ate too much, but it was all so yummy
*was up at 2am to watch s2 open their gifts and to see what santa brought.
*spent hours setting up and playing on the trampoline

*took tons of pictures
*did one page in my daily mini
* watched hours of avatar:last airbender and NCIS marathon

*felt blessed
*enjoyed my family :)
*a lot of laughter
it is the little sweet girlie's birthday today. I can not believe she is FIVE! It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital with her! She is over the moon excited to be five!

:) me oh my look who is five today! <3 love!
Any new year's plans? I think I will be keeping it low key but who knows?! Where did 2008 go, but I am ready to ring in 2009! What are your plans? :)

I have extra copies of the Jan/Feb issue of Memory Makers magazine, leave me a comment and I will pick two winners! :)


  1. i totally hear YOU! where did 08 go?

  2. I love these photos!! they're just perfect!

  3. new years is going to be low key for sure...

  4. what fun photos, happy new years and thanks for a fun blog and the chance to win.

  5. Hi Vee, we spent our Christmas day trampolining too!
    Plans for nye are the same as previous, we have made our own traditions, have a special Yum Cha style dinner, play board games, watch a movie and then when the girls have gone to bed, usually around 8 or 9, we watch the fire works on tv, snog at midnight and then go to bed lol

  6. Love the pics girl!

  7. She is such a cutie. Hope you have a wonderful new year, what ever you decide to do!

  8. eek!
    the B-I-G FIVE.
    happy birthday to your cutie!
    and OMG. a MM mag giveaway? niiiice.
    happy '09 ... i'm sure great things are in store for you!

  9. I love her tights! So cute!

    And I watched a lot of NCIS, too! (and CSI)

    We have no plans for New Years...which is a first...but, I kind of like it! haha So, no telling what we will be doing?

  10. Nothing too crazy planned here, just staying home and probably playing some games! =) Fun pic of jumping on the trampoline!

  11. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  12. Happy New Year to you and Happy Birthday to your lovely little girl!

  13. Happy New Year to you and Happy Birthday to your lovely little girl!

  14. Glad to hear your Holiday was wonderful! I agree, 2008 disappeared!

  15. Sounds like you had a lovely time! Love the bouncy picture!

  16. well.
    one of my new years resolutions will be
    to rent and get familiar with another lens for my
    digi rebel.
    i am bored of the same ol' same ol...

    your holiday sounds fanastic
    i need to take a page out of your book
    and soon!!

  17. look at that adorable face! hope she had a great birthday!

    Low key new year here - also ready for 2009!

  18. Oh, plans for 2009... stay in pyjamas for longer on weekends. And at the same time, get more things done :-)

  19. Anonymous11:29 AM

    love the pics on the trampoline...robin

  20. many blessings to you in 2008!
    happy bday to your cutie pie 5 year old!

    happy new year V!

  21. happy birthday to your s! such a doll! 08 went by so quickly, yes. i'ma thinking 09 will be rather fantastic! xo.

  22. Anonymous2:15 PM

    yes, hello where did 08 go? and ur baby is 5, how did that happen?
    happy new year to you and your family.
    hope i'm not too late to get in on the drawing!

    lynda in calif

  23. hey happy new year! only 19 days til lost.

  24. Girl I know right O8 is just GONE so fast .. lol .. love your photo's boo

    Happy New Year

  25. Your photos are always so good! The color on your daughter's clothes is amazing.

  26. love the action shot of their feet!!!! cute!!! We just stayed home this year...and it felt great! Happy New Year...


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