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AT Feature

I was featured on Apartment Therapy yesterday, totally random and awesome at the same time. I totally drool at their site all the time as well as other home design blogs, never ever did I think my home would be on one! Okay, done gushing now and thank you AT!

My layout for my post today at the MMM blog, you can see more of it on the blog here. It has to do with creative prompts and colors.


New scrapjack went up yesterday, here is my take on K's awesome wall. The layout is based on last weekend's purge of my children's old toys. See I have a confession, I hate to purge the toys more than they do! I always start to think about them when they got the toy, how they loved it, etc and then I talk myself out of giving them away but not this time! I purged without regret because they went to new hands for them love.
jack 42
Have fun and hopefully long weekend! They are the best ones to have!


  1. Love the purge LO. I should have done one ... snapped a few pics as I was out the door with 8 Hefty's full of broken and old toys! Very inspiring!

  2. just wanna say...
    i miss you!!
    i love your blog!!!
    (i am no good at it)

  3. Congrats on having your apartment picked!! That is so cool!!

  4. Woo Hoo!! Congrats! I'm heading over to AT and MM right now!!
    Have a fantastic weekend and have a BLAST on Tuesday :)


  5. That's so cool that oyu were featured there. Your house is very cool. Love the new los. My mom always had a hard time when I got rid of my toys when I was younger. Some of them pop up in my room again every once in a while. She thinks its funny.

  6. i totally understand on the purging! I get more sentimental than they do! LOL.

  7. girl that is AMAZING!! i love that blog.

  8. do you have to apply to be featured there? lol

  9. I saw the buttons and though, "Vee's gonna show us something cool she found online." Little did I know, it was your own home and something cool that YOU created :)

  10. that is awesome .. love it .. congrats girl ..

  11. congrats on the AT feature! and i love your layout :)

  12. yay!!!!
    woot woot
    way to go vee
    super creative and cool you :)
    LOVE your layouts and hi 5 for you and your magic tickets to see the ceremony!!!!!
    totally rad



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