LOST dish....

LOST returned this week to less viewers watching but I liked it especially since Sawyer was practically shirtless for the first hour and that is how I like it, lol. So if you haven't watched you may want to stop reading now...

My boy (picture above) still has it, love that he called Charlotte,Ginger!

I can't wait to see why Ben is so eager to return to the island and how he is going to accomplish it this time.

I seriously still love the fact that Desmond is still Daniel's constant. How old is freaking Daniel anyway?!!!! Did you catch that he was on the island during Dharma times????

Only Sayid would keep sharp blades knives facing up in a dishwasher in case he has an intruder.

Jack looks horrible, Hurley is still crazy and annoying. He is complicating "the plan" but I am sure they will get him back some how.

I don't like this serious Sun, liked her better on the island.

Where did the freighter go, it was close to the island right? I am hoping Jin is still alive.

What are your thoughts, would love to hear.....


  1. omg, omg!!! okay...

    so funny - I was totally telling someone how happy i was that sawyer had his shirt off for the first hour....yum. although, he looked a bit like he had a really bad spray tan....

    and yes, the desmond, daniel thing is wild!! i'm so confused...eek!

    i don't think we know where the freighter went - i think we are to think it's gone, but i bet jin is okay (i hope so!).

    did you recognize the woman that ben was dealing with????!!! i guess she was a fortune teller from season one - CRAZY!!

    oh, i could seriosly talk about that show forever. thanks for the eye canday...(-;

  2. i missed that Daniel was around in dharma days! Hurley made me mad, as did Kate for not calling Jack! YES, I really want Jim to be alive still, that one had me in tears last season!

  3. I love that it is back. still confusing as ever.

    I got the impression that Daniel was time traveling to the Dharma days - not that he was actually around during that time. I think he is as old has he looks.

    The freighter is gone, it was not in the "ring" around the island or they still would have seen smoke after the island moved. I wish Jin wasn't gone but...

    good stuff.

  4. ok, that totally makes sense that daniel is a time traveler! Sad that the freighter is gone though! :(

    I didn't recognize the lady in the butcher shop, hmmmmm

  5. Yeah...I think Daniel was time traveling too. Super confusing...I watched it twice. My Sayid was bad a** as usual. I like Hurley and wonder how they are going to get him out. HOW THE HECK ARE THEY GONNA GO BACK??

  6. I LOVE your blog! so glad i found IT! great scrappy stuff on here!

  7. I am so glad Lost is back, but just as confused as hell! I, like you, still hope Jin is alive. the old lady that ben was talking to was in previous episodes w/ desmond so I'm sure that is gonna play out somehow. I feel bad for hurley cause he never wanted to leave the island in the first place. can't wait to see how they get back.

  8. hurley drives me crazy.

    and what's going on with Kate? who wants to get her blood? that is weird.

    i'm curious about whether everyone will make it back to the island and what exactly will happen if they don't. it was definitely a GREAT season opener!

  9. Um yeah. They had me at topless Sawyer. nuf said. I really don't care about the rest of it... lol KIDDING. It's definitely going to be an interesting season!! Poor Desmond and his time travel... lol I liked the hint at the parallel universe thing with Desmond being off the island, and then being there in the hazmat suit. Good stuff. You totally know Sun is going to kick some ASS when she needs to.


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