a new [powerful] day.

Mr. President

on the steps


Today was a day beyond words but I will try to explain my experience as best I can...
I felt even more proud and filled with emotion than the day President Obama won the election in November.  I stood with pride beside my mother and watch as our 44th President was sworn into office. It was a cold day in DC but the warmth in my heart and soul more than made up for the coldness. The day was a long one with unmeasurable amounts of people on the metro, streets and city but we prevailed as a nation. I am so proud to have shared this moment in history with my mother. A woman of color who remembers when everything was segregated (went to segregated schools) to the marches of Martin Luther King and now our African American President. She would not be swayed by the crowds, weather, or discouragement from others. But today we all stood together and enjoyed the day as one nation to see a new day for our country.


  1. Diana Willis9:40 PM

    Wow, that was so beautifully said Vee and I loved your pictures. What a blessing to bring in this special moment in our history with your mom and "the people" hoping for a change.


  2. Anonymous7:13 AM

    thank you for your touching words, i believe the world is forever changed...for the better! robin

  3. Thank you for sharing with all of us. My DH and I cried with joy as we watched the ceremony on television.

  4. wow-fantastic pics!! being a uk resident I watched alot of this on sky news and was completly moved by his speech! Amazing to see history in the making!! Lx

  5. Must have been a sight to see...my eyeballs were glued to the TV screen for what seems like 24 hours...

    Beautiful Pics and oh happy day! Yesterday was perfection.


  6. Saw these pics over at Flickr, it must have been amazing to be there on a such a historical day. i watvhed his speech on the BBC & felt a bit emotional! Go Obama!

  7. No matter what a person's political views, no one could deny, this was an amazing day for civil rights in our country! It was amazing for me to explain that not too many years back, our new president would not have been allowed a front seat in a bus, or shared a water fountain. It was incredible. :) I am so glad you and your mom got to share such an amazing memory!!

    LOST tonight!!!!!!!!! WooHoo!

  8. You move me, Vee! I'm in shambles over here. LOVELY.

  9. You brought me to tears over here Vee! Beautiful photos, I'm glad you got to be in D.C. yesterday - such an amazing day.

  10. WOW! So cool that you were able to attend, and with your mom even makes it cooler.

  11. I thought of you witnessing this amazing moment as we watched the day (and night) unfold on tv - your photos are spectacular and it's so wonderful that you got to share this with your mom.

  12. I'm so excited that you were able to go! I was quite caught up in the day too. Sounds like an experience of a lifetime.

  13. If I remember correctly, you like Supernatural, right?
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    And if you don't watch Supernatural..you will probably get a kick out of it anyways.

    Thank you again, sooo much, for all the wonderful goodies. It is going to be put to good use! :D

  14. What a momentous occasion to have taken part in---your photos of the day are absolutely gorgeous, as are your words. How wonderful that you were able to share it with your mother. Here's to a new era of hope and well being for us all!

  15. vee,
    LOVE your blog! I am so excited to see what Obama is going to do for our country!!!! you worded this so well!


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