and it's done!*

new wire shelf for more storage

The messy part of my space is all clean and I am so proud of myself!!!! It involved a little rearranging, moved my photo printer off of my desk (never liked it there) for more room to create and made room for the chrome shelf where I put my printer, it is under the basket of minis.

Now I am getting ready to watch the Grammy's pre-show and listening to some Lady Gaga, love her song Poker Face! I always love the Grammy's well award season period, here's hoping to some great performances!

I am totally loving your suggestions for the vblog post! A lot are the same so I will condense them, but they are great! I will pick a winner tomorrow and post it, plus I add some more goodies to the box so it is filled to the brim!.... off to sit outside and enjoy the warm evening air...


  1. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Hi Vee,

    Love to see all the stuff you use to create. Love your space.


  2. kindda like the order amongst the disorder though.

    good job.
    i should get my room sorted out soon.

  3. i LOVE Pokerface! great goofy dancy song : )

  4. oooooh, i need to do some major spring cleaning. your desk looks GREAT.

  5. Vee, I am so jealous. I love your scrapspace. It's so colorful and bright!

  6. your corner looks AWESOME! wanna come do mine? ;)

  7. I love your scrap space!

  8. oooh love love love your studio.


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