breathing love.

mini carnations

I love the abundance of fresh flowers at my grocery store this time of year! I know it is because of valentines but for me it is a chance to have spring in winter. I love having them around the house and in my bedroom. I am looking forward to the long weekend, they are always welcomed around these parts...

What are your plans for this lovely weekend? I think I will go see Slumdog Millionare with my sister, some trampoline jumping , take lots of photos, a little thrifting and spend time with my family. I am a home body by nature but I am getting geared up with our vacation planning for this year. I love traveling and what I love even more is the children love it as much as I do!

TV talk, loved loved this week's episodes of LOST and Heroes!! I won't say too much but needless to say I am happy the story lines are getting to the really important stuff like how is the Oceanic crew going to get back to the island? I am sure it will be interesting, both shows left me like shite it's an hour already at the end!

Dare 128 is up today, rock band names, think I totally missed the boat on this but whateves. :) I love rock bands, some of my favorites are listed on the layout and it is fun to do a layout without a picture every once in a while.


  1. dude, love your dare and I'm with you on LOST (finally getting somewhere beyond the time travel crazy flashes... which almost gives *me* headaches and nosebleeds!)

    just still trying to unravel bits as pieces... as always. :)

  2. Love the layout!! And it will be a busy week for me. Today movies, pedicure, manicure, tomorrow, dinner and hanging with friends!

  3. Cool layout.
    We partied at The Taste of Soulard yesterday in downtown STL. We had such a blast!!

  4. ooh, love your layout, vee!
    even though tomorrow is a holiday, it's been a busy and fun filled weekend for us, and an even busier week ahead:)
    have a great monday!

  5. And was it good? Slumdog Millionair? I'm planning to go to this movie next weekend.
    I love the flowers!
    We've got a lot of bulb-flowers here now (Lots of Tulips ofcourse).

  6. wasn't slumdog amazing?
    and where do you jump on trampolines?! i am jealous!


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