friday, oh how i love thee...

paper flowers

I finally did a new blog post at the Memory Makers Masters' blog. It is all about using your punches. You can see more here--->punch fun.

Also on the loop, new dare is up today: pet peeves!! My first topic as a dare girl....we all have them. My list is on my page,must say my number one pet peeve is rude people, have a seriously low tolerance for that one although I think rude kids are even worse! I hope you will get in down on paper and play along, :)

pet peeves

Off to work, work and more work but looking forward to a fun night out. I was even told by the women in the cafe that I buy my lunch at that I looked sexy today, lol thought to myself it is just a maxi dress but hey I will take a compliment. It made me smile, so moral is say something nice to someone it just may make them reevaluate their outfit or day and smile. :) Have a great weekend and the LOST video will be up on Monday....


  1. I need a maxi dress something fierce. One that hides the thighs and makes ME look sexy ;)

  2. Ooooh you're inspiring me to scrapbook. I think I'm gonna get on that tonight. :)

  3. Hey, babe! I want to see the WHOLE first layout. Looks cool. And I love your second one. I just totally dig your wicked funky, cool style. You inspire me so much!

  4. happy friday, sexy lady:)
    a girlfriend that i scrap with calls herself that, it is so cute, she is the sweetest.
    have a great weekend!

  5. .....don't know what a maxi dress is...but I might have to have one...ha,ha!! love the layouts...and only you could make a flower punch look so cool!!!

  6. Love your pet peeves! What's with those check writers? Who writes checks anymore anyway, especially when there are 10 people waiting behind them? GRrr!

    Hope you're having a great weekend :)

  7. Rude people irritate me too. Your pages look oh so lovely. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. And I'm glad someone at work made your day.

  8. love what you did with that punch!
    punch love.
    and love your pet peeves layout!

  9. i meant to say, "its nice to be nice" on this post, not the other one! lol

  10. Vee, I love the layouts gurl and I love the spray ink work! LOL You got me hooked! LOL

  11. eeeeeeeeek! can i please just drool over those flowers all day? so amazing!


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