dare 129

New dare is up today and it is a fun one, do I say that often?... well it is! I got a surprise box of American Crafts goodies yesterday and couldn't wait to use these new thickers, they are fabric (which I totally love) and the color is so cute! :) So... I am always late, well not all the time but 85% of the time. I try to be punctual but it doesn't always work out,hmmm.....need to really work on that in 09.

kit winner
danilouwho said...
ooohhh cupcakes. every time I see cupcakes I wish I didn't eat grain free!!
BUT that kenner road kit looks even more yummy!

I have an extra copy of the March/April Memory Makers Magazine so I picked a second winner...bonus! :)

Tiffany said...
:) I am not quite sure why I enter these things anymore (bloggy giveaways) because in the 2408324832948249 times (or it seems that many) I've entered, I've only one once.
Ah, maybe my luck will change with this one. Thanks for sharing with someone!

So ladies you know the drill, email me your addresses. :) I wish I could give everyone something, wouldn't that be dope?! I can't, but I will have more in the future, I like to keep my supplies under control and I love to share....

I just have to say that the cutest comment was made by Nick, who was doing it for his girlfriend, made me go awwwww..... Hi, to new readers and thank you all for always stopping by!!!

LOST is amazing, that is all I am saying, can't wait to see Sawyer's reaction when he sees Kate. This episode had me on the end of my seat for sure! Grey's was off the hook last night, Derrick has seriously gone off the deep end. But Bailey new curls more than made up for it, I hated the shroom hairdo she was sporting. la sigh, mcsteamy is so wonderful, he is my favorite character and then he gets sucker punched, poor fella. I hope they keep Lil' Grey and him together.
well I think a capt'n crunch frap is need to celebrate the day! *la la laaaaaaaaaaa...
Have a great weekend!


  1. OMG!! I was laughing my ass off last night. Here are two prestigous doctors rolling around like two fighting dogs. It was freaking hilarious! I love that show!!!!!

  2. OMG!!!!! i love your layout so just wonderful
    Safo xoxo

  3. ahahaha That layout is great!

  4. awesome layout, I'm totally playing this time!

    LOST is sooo good this Season, I can't stop thinking about it!

  5. love your layout and yay for new american crafts goodies!

  6. That layout just rocks! Love everything about it. Grey's was insane! It was good, didn't see the end coming, it was really good! Have a great weekend!

  7. You lucky girls, enjoy the goodies!
    What a fun layout...I love those photos, looks like you were really in trouble!

  8. glad i'm not the only one who wasn't feelin' Bailey's shroom!! she was rocking those curls!!
    i really LOVE mcsteamy and lil' grey. now i'm wondering if izzy is going to actually leave!

  9. dude - that rocks!
    *happy dance*
    thank you so much, this has made my day.

    just wrote you back over at flickr too.

    and yeah, that layout... too good. those colors are the best.

  10. Love the layaout! I have been meaning to ask you if you use glimmer mist on your layouta, the look like thy hav been sprayed with glimer mist!

  11. hello!
    found you randomly on 2peas.
    fell in <3 with your layouts!

    i've been inspired!

  12. Awesome lo and yay for Dani & Tiffany.

  13. I love the concept of this page! Love it!

  14. OMG where did you get those pics of yourself? Love the Dare - you look awesome by the way.

  15. Girl I LOVE this LO!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!


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