just because.

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i am happy
these photos make we wish for my cameras and a sunny spring day
proud of blogging more than twice a week this month
beauty can be seen in the everyday
my dare is done, usually never done before Friday
happy emails, texts and great tv
LOST was awesome last night, so my next vblog will be a LOST edition, sound good? :)
late spring vacation is about to be booked
looking forward to watching grey's tonight
introducing synai to the strawberry capt n' crunch frap, kid sized: she loved it and so did the barista.
polas make me happy too.


  1. I'm glad you're posting more too! You totally inspire me ;)

  2. Your posts make me happy! Btw, you have me addicted to spraying inks now. Did a layout on my blog using it! LOL I used glimmer mist, where do you get your tim holtz spraying inks?

  3. can't wait for the vblog LOST edition! (it was such a great episode!) and uh oh... the capt n' crunch frappuccino! i have to admit i've had a lot of them lately, too. i wish they weren't so good! trouble.

  4. happy!
    where are you going for your spring vacay?

  5. I adore milk glass too!!!

  6. ummm top left teacup? Yeah... I need it. :)

  7. i like it.
    i like it alot.
    just because.

  8. LOST V-blog!?! I can't wait!!! I am crazy obsessed with LOST, so I love hearing whate anyone else has to say about the subject :)


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