let's try this again: winner

Diane, email me your info and I will put your lovelies in the mail tomorrow...

diane reeves said...Hi Vee,I have been enjoying your blog. I loved your December daily album.I too would love to hear about where you find your inspiration.Thanks for doing a giveaway.

5:42 PM

Blogger doesn't like me much at the moment, been trying for an hour to post. I love all of the ideas! I think I have enough for two videos!! My goal is to make one this weekend, while I am off for the long weekend. I hope I can live up to your expectations of me. :) Let's see I worked on this today, will share more later this week!


be you

My lift of my girl, Tina from a challenge at Studio Calico to lift a designated dt member.

I am still trying to get over the drama with princess rhi rhi and chris brown, it totally overshadowed the grammy's, it is a shame and sad...am I the only one that thought the show was boring, it is not what it used to be! It sounded like they were singing in a barn instead of the Shrine Center!! My favorite performances of the night were the "rap pack", Adele, Sugarland and lil' wayne with Robert Thicke.

Well off to put s2 to bed and watch Heroes, can't wait to see how they handle the pain crash. I can not stand Nathan, Peter really needs to put the smack down on him, he is way to nice. If I have to see Claire's lacefront one more week I am going to scream, they couldn't find her a better wig? I'm just saying...guess cutbacks are affecting tinseltown as well.


  1. omg heroes gossip!! so waiting for the second part to start over here!!

    Re grammys - loved the rap pack!! TI and JAY Z looked HOT HOT HOT!!! (erm what is going on with kayne's hair??!!)

    and a second OMG re CB and R! so hadn't heard that gossip over here - unbelivable!!!


  2. Love the layouts and I was jumping up and down for Lil Wayne, he so deserved those grammy's!!! Poor Chris Breezy he is already losing his endorsements!

  3. dude, i KNEW she was wearing a wig! why does it always look SO bad? puh-lease, they should just give "claire" a haircut and let hayden use her own hair.

  4. omg. nathan DOES need a smack-down. i may need to do it for peter. nice to hear someone else say it too.
    love, love, LOVE your layout - saw it on SC, had to stop by. best, nlg.

  5. I gave up on Heroes after the second episode of the season. Whatev!
    I LOVE what you did with your space and those scrappies are gorgeous!

  6. Ohhh nice!!!!!!!!!!!! And your area looks superb!

  7. I slept thru the Grammys (such a nerd) I have to youtube the Rap Pack. Your work space looks great, please come to Jersey and help me get mine in order:)

  8. i really like what you've got going on here. thanks for sharing and always inspiring...

  9. I love your new pages!!!! wowww!!


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