over the hump confessions.

Today started off with white beautiful flakes falling then it changed to sleet and now to rain. Saadiq thought since it was snow=no school, chuckled and then quickly reminded him that it just started snowing and it wouldn't stick which = to you're going to school. He thought he was going to get a snow day and I would have loved one too, but no dice. So I thought it only right to snap a picture to represent the morning... they smell so good.
1.Did you know that you can follow the first lady's first 100 days of fashion on Instyle just like you can follow the President's first 100 days on Politico. I follow both and it is cool to see what he is doing everyday and what she is wearing.

2.Finally brought my camera with me today and the battery only has one bar,wouldn't you know it! It is gloomy today so I guess it is a draw.

3.I rarely but cd's anymore, just download songs off of itunes I really like, who else is the same way?

4.So ready to cuddle on the couch and look at LOST tonight! I can't wait to see how the steps on how to return to the island goes...

5.I didn't watch one episode of The City, just couldn't being myself to watch Whitney and her triangle, maybe if a marathon is on this weekend I may watch...

6.Currently working on this week's dare and MMM blog layouts, they are fun ones,can't wait to share!

7. My mini globe collection is growing, eBay is the best place to find them. I find that other spots on the web overprice them and they are almost always in mint condition on eBay.

8. I was tired of the look of my blog, so I decided to update it yet again, think this look will be here a little longer than the last one.

New jack went up over the weekend, here is my take:


  1. Cool layout! Bummer about the snow uh? I was just hoping for something pretty. Oh well, got to see your layout, that's pretty!

  2. great new banner!
    you're so good about capturing yourself on photos. i have to start doing that more.

  3. Loving the itunes as well--i hate having to store CD cases and CDs, for that matter. Caught up on The Hills on mtv uk...hubby was laughing at the previews for the spinoffs. I have to admit, I'll watch at least one episode of Whitney and one of Brody!!lol

  4. Anonymous8:23 AM

    your page is PERFECT! robin

  5. Those stars are perfection.
    I seriously dig how you use color!

  6. blog looks great! love that LO!

  7. veeeeeeee! ma, i have like one trillion entries to catch up on, lol. but i came here first! thanks for checking up on me ;) lol. i don't buy CDs anymore either, iTunes it is. And LOST! OMG, right! hahaah.

  8. oooo I haven't seen this lo yet. Yummy. So cool and don't you just love yellow!? ;D


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