playing it straight.

2.7.09 desk

current state of my desk.
it is a mess and I am tired of it so I started cleaning and purging until my heart was content.
now to organized and rearrange, so I am off to target!
you can help me by taking this....
purge rak
lots of good papers, embellishments, mini album (including a pack of thickers) and stamps.
I am thinking of making a video post soon, what do you want to chat about, leave me comment and I will pick a winner on Monday. US residents only, this is a heavy box, sorry sweeties next time I will not restrict.


  1. needless to say, I love your comments on GG, Hills/City, and other tv shows! :)
    And whenever you post tutorials and how to's

    happy saturday, vee!

  2. How's bout GG? I've missed the last couple of shows. :) Looks like a lovely box!

  3. Wow! I can't believe you want to get rid of this stuff! Wish i had a permanent desk to work on. Mayve one day! Please don't mention what's going on in GG, series 2 only just started over here! (Don't count me in for the RAK, i'm an international). xoxo

  4. a video post about ur style / style inspirations both for fashion and scrapping would be AWESOME!! cuz i see a definite lineup of both through your blog. I'm not a us resident yet but if i win it'll be going to the US apt lol
    that stuff is GORGEOUS!!!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS !!! These goodies look awesome.I so hope i get to play with these. I've been unable to craft for almost 3 weeks, just got a new knee and still trying to get it to follow commands.
    Chat???How about how to take a picture of your work and get it to look as good as the real thing.AND how do you upload it to someones gallery and or thread.
    How to participate in an online crop?
    I'm not ms. techno savvy so this stuff baffles me.
    I love those

  6. Diana Willis12:25 PM


    Happy Weekend to you! I would love to know how you decide what layouts to send in for publication and what the process entails when trying out for the big magazine DTs.


  7. Oh, fun! Organizing always makes me happy (after I'm done that is!). Anything scrappy related would be fun to post about I would think, can't wait to see what you post!


  8. If you pick me, you won't have to ship it.

  9. wow, this stuff looks so yummy! Good for you for organizing, my space needs it badly. It would be fun to see a video post about how you put together a layout from start to finish!

  10. Haha I was going to say The City like someone else already has. Mainly what you think about Olivia? I think she is up to something! Or Bromance... strange show!
    How about mini-books?! I want to start making them and yours are always so awesome and inspiring. Maybe a little chat about that will give me the kick to get started.

  11. Hey Vee!! I thought of you when my tape of LOST cut off in the last 3 minutes this week! LOL...
    I was feeling bad for poor Sawyer when he saw Kate too! :(
    Hmmm... I like when you clean your desk... I think you should clean, say, your jewelry too ;)

  12. hey vee!
    how about chitty-chatting about all the things that are inspiring you right now to create.... maybe things that are un-scrapbook related but makes you want to create a LO.

  13. Sharonda1:01 PM

    Hello Ms Vee,

    I've yet to join the blogging world,(I'm a blog stalker:) It's coming soon. I want to know how you chose the program to start your blog. It's so many out there. And I'm like "C" you wouldn't have to mail it to me:-)
    Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. vee!! congrats on the dares gig!
    you go girl!

    ps...just send me the cb people, that's all i want! lol

    and yeah, talk about the city. I need to hear your take on it. whooooooooo! can't wait!

  15. hey miss vee---
    your stash is the bomb!---i would like to see you do a art journal video--i love all of yours--have you talked to karla lately?--remain blessed!!

  16. these are some yummy goodies you are RAKing here!
    I love talking about anything scrap related. Video posts with scrap room tours & product tricks/techniques are usually my faves. :o)

  17. the new trends and hot color combos

  18. TOTALLY stoked that you might be doing a video post! WHOA! I love watching them.

    I think it would be fun to chat about all your fun experiences with Memory Makers so far. I'm thrilled for you that you're a Master now and I want to hear all about your expectations and projects you've done, etc.

    This is exciting! :]

  19. I'd love to see you do your thing with paint - I always enjoy your layouts with the spots and splashes. What an awesome group of supplies. Thanks for thinking of all of us out here.

  20. Rachel Kulak3:52 PM

    I would like to hear about your thoughts on the economy and Obama's initiative to help the situation. And Lost of course :-)

  21. What a wonderful box of goodies!

  22. Hi, new to your blog and love your layouts! Would love to see maybe a how to tutorial of some of your layouts and where you get your inspiration from and how do you feel about new items that come out.

  23. oohhhh cool stash here! for you video post, maybe play with some paint? i would like to see more of your process.

  24. Love video posts! Would love to see how you work and how you create. What is your thought process behind putting a LO together is what most interests me. Thanks so much for the chance to enter!

  25. bow-chi-chi-bow-wow ... that purged pile is niiice.
    i am so so overdue for some purging.

    congrats on the Dares.
    i can't think of a more perfect combinations of girls!

    happy weekend friend.
    keep a look out for the postman.

  26. A video on what inspires you! Now that is a purged goodie pack! I also LOVE your camping virgin page and the mini album below. Totally ROCKS!

  27. i would love a tutorial on the awesome splatter/spray paint dots you always whip up.
    it's amazing to me.

  28. Wow! Very generous RAK!
    Have a great weekend!


  29. i'd LOVEEEEEEEEEE to win your RAK!!! :)

    And wow. ANTM, Burn Notice, Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway and SVU. If you had Criminal Intent, original L&O, Fringe, Brothers & Sisters, you'd have my TV viewing list.

    I also love the format of your blog, the different links and such are a lot that I enjoy too. I see TAIF is one of your challenge faves, have you tried Use Your Type and/or Work Your Soul and/or Effer Dares? Those are my other faves.

    Adding you to my Google Reader. xoxo.

  30. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I can't believe you're letting go of all this yumminess... PICK ME! PICK ME! :-)


  31. love your blog. :)thanks for a chance to play. :)

  32. i'm thinking a video on your paint loveliness would be awesome. :)

    thanks for the chance to win goodies :)


  33. ooh...that looks like a lot of good stuff i NEED!!! jessica info(at)funkyfinds(dot)us

  34. watching you create something would RULE. you could do it all nifty-fast-forwardy like. i totally love watching people's processes.

  35. please send all these beauties to me!

  36. i'd love to see your process for designing the layout. do you sketch? do you look for layout inspiration first...?

    p.s.--i LOVE you the bits of your home you have shared. :)

  37. Wow, what a great give-away!!! I'd love to see a tutorial on your fabu splatters!!! I'd love see how you create.

  38. I have been purging like crazy too. It feels good. I just took 4 33gal hefty trashbags full of clothes to goodwill. That was a lot of clothes I was not wearing! lol
    The goodies look good. I am still playing with all the pretties you sent me for Christmas. You really sent me some wonderful stuff, btw. (so, you can leave my name out of this drawing, sweets)
    Hope you are having a great weekend! :P

  39. If that's what you purged - I can't imagine what you kept!

    I should go and see what my desk looks like... I haven't seen it in a while.

  40. Oh, I know what I'd love to hear you talk about: How you got started with your art--you are so talented and I would love to know how you have fed your creativity throughout your scrap booking life. You always have great posts, though, so I am sure I will love whatever you talk about!

  41. Hi Vee,

    I have been enjoying your blog. I loved your December daily album.

    I too would love to hear about where you find your inspiration.

    Thanks for doing a giveaway.

  42. ooooh vee i would just love love love to get my hands on your stash girl!!

    -- renee

  43. i would love to see a video of your process for creating a layout! i always love the way you work the paint and ink! :)

  44. A video about your inspiration(s) as well as displaying your style/favs while creating. Thanks for the opp for the RAK!!

  45. I'd love to hear more about TTV... how you make choices about what you shoot, etc. Love your blog and your Flickr stream!

  46. I love the "little people". I've eard tem called bathroom people too! LOL! Where do you get them???

  47. how about inspiration??? Not just in scrapping and gettin your mojo but in fashion, people you meet and life in general

  48. I so need to clean my desk, but your goodies look better than mine! LOL!

  49. Vee I will take it off your hands gladly!

  50. i would love to hear how you come up with your ideas for pages.

  51. Hope im not too late for that fabulous box of goodies :)

    your dare was fantastic by the way!

    i love all your tv commentary so i would love a vblog on all your favorite shows (esp lost)



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