spring wishes...
1. pinky peach with purple and a hint of green., 2. It's never too late to have a happy childhood...., 3. 121, 4. Wind Dancing, 5. morning dew, 6. Untitled, 7. majestic, 8. .

I am wishing for spring and all of the freshness that it brings especially the green! I love green, it just symbolizing life, freshness,awareness, hope, fun and warmth to me....

This weekend is suppose to be so awesome, I can't wait! We are suppose to have some dope weather I am talking in the 70's people....

I have lots of ideas for stuff but need to channel it to get things done, sometimes I think I have ADD with craftiness, but it is all good. My hope is to finish up some cute new additions to s2 room, this weekend. I started on a layout this morning but didn't have time to finish but will post it tomorrow, I had some sort of 24 hour bug yesterday and was so happy to feel good today. I detest being sick!

We are half way to the weekend, holla! :) It is going to be on lock tonight, with LOST, I can't wait. I forgot to add in my vblog post below that I did enjoy seeing the scene with Walt and John. They always had a special relationship, so it was cool that he didn't ask Walt to come back to the island. Somehow I think he will be back since Walt still can "see" what is going on there.


  1. Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing!

  2. totally feel you on the ADD with craftiness. i suffer from it too!

  3. I am sooooooooooooooo ready for spring!!!!

  4. Wow! What an ecclectic array of colors and images...that work so beautifully together. you can "see" things that other people (like me) can't see. lol..but serious too.

  5. i love these mosaics you've been putting up lately, they're so inspiring!

  6. I think I have been scrapbooking about once a month lately. Then I feel guilty when I look at all this stuff I have. I need to stop buying buttons! So...right there with you on the craftiness ADD.

    Lost was REALLY GOOD last night! It's starting to come together......a bit.

  7. i totally have ADD with craftiness! lol, i have too many projects in my brain and then i start them all at once...oh boy. thanks for the inspiration and motivation to get started ;)


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