rain, rain.....

ice ice
It has been so rainy here for like a week now and I am like blek...
Which meant no photos outside this w/e in fear that I would wreck my cameras...
In turn meant no motivation to create, granted I did go out of town but I am "behind". I am hoping Gossip Girl will lift my mood tonight, finally a new episode!
I have something fun to share tomorrow as well as my some scrapjackness...


  1. Just found your blog from Scrapjacked. Thanks for the tip about Heidi Swapp sale. YEAH!!!

  2. Can't WAIT for GG! It's been TOOOOOOO long! And I want the rain to be gone, too!

  3. I know, the rain is killing me slowly, drip by drip! Maybe tomorrow the sun will re-emerge.

  4. well that's a bummer about the rain! I totally fell out of the loop with gossip girl. Maybe I'll just rent the dvd's when they come out and catch up.

  5. Girl it's been raining here too :-(

  6. Well, at least GG is NEW tonight! lol And it just went off... It was pretty good. The play was freaking hilarious!

  7. Hope you get a little sunshine soon:)


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