total slacker.

I haven't blog not once this week, don't hate me :)
printed these this morning:

getting ready to scrap these*

so I can continue to do a little bit more of this:
pola love

and happy that I am half way thru the work week, so I can take more pictures, hang with my family and hopefully get things done that I didn't get to do last weekend...
second day in a row wearing black...
However I don't think it is likely since I will not be home,it is all good :)

eta....if you like Heidi Swapp like I do, even the vintage items....she is have a major sale on her website (, stuff for .99-1.99!!! I still prefer her bling, so I stocked up! :)


  1. Hey!! I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say hi!!

  2. I just got back from vacation and so need to scrap. Love the page you did you splatter the paint? Very cool. Have fun this weekend getting back to doing what you love :)

  3. Lovin' that pola page!

  4. your LAYOUT rocks.
    and congrats on the layout pick for the premier of ScrapInStyle's season 2!

  5. BEAUTIFUL layout!! and Congrats!

  6. That polaroid and lo look great! I always love seeing polaroids. They are so fun to watch develop. It reminds me of watching paper develop in the darkroom. Hope you get lots done this weekend!

  7. i grabbed alot of her stuff at CKC last year. off to check if i missed anything. thanks!

  8. ima lova, not a
    And you already know that I absolutely LOVE this layout!
    And that is a sweet pic of you. I am diggin it!

  9. thanks for the sale heads up, i totally just spent my monthly budget ;)

    got some awesome stuff tho.

  10. the polas look hawt. need one, but then again, maybe not since it's getting harder and harder to find film huh?

    the lo is pure fabulocity....and thanks for the heads up and HS! I'll have to go!

    dang enabler! HA!


  11. LOVE those polaroids! wish I had a camera of my own so I could take pics that cool. your aesthetic ROCKS vee!

  12. Sweet LOs!!! I totally love your style!

  13. Hope you are having fun! Love your page and the ripstrips. Off to check out the HS sale, any left?

  14. that layout is just too good. the paint and the mix of papers is perfect.

    everything you make just inspires my socks off! :)


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