where in the world...

globes abound.
I have been the worse blogger ever this month! Each day I mean to but work has been nuts, scrapping- nuts and life is good but nuts! I love it all but the blog is the one that takes a backseat... hopefully with the beginning of a new month it will get me back on track.
I have some scraps to share tomorrow, a giveaway on Friday and hopefully a back to a normal blogging schedule.

Finally transferred all my blogs to google reader this week, totally love it! I wished I had done it sooner, bloglines was giving me a headache with all of it's problems. GR is so much better!!! For real google has the internet on lock, well that twitter, facebook and tumblr, lol....
I am so behind on tv, it isn't even funny, thank the lord for dvr, how did we survive without it before?!
I am three weeks behind on Gossip, entire season of Damages, and Ugly Betty. Heroes, LOST, Grey's and Supernatural rock my socks every week. I can not wait for LOST tomorrow, it has me like WHAT?!!!

Well back to the grind, come on April what do you have for me?! I am ready for endless sunshine, flip flops, platforms, tanks and dresses. :) xo


  1. I AM SOOO READY FOR FLIP FLOPS TOO!! And summer skirts are my fave! :D
    Grey's was sooo killer awesome last week!! I guess they won't be showing a new one this week b/c they didn't have any previews last week.
    Have a good day, sweetie! :D

  2. oh I soooo want to break out the flip flops too!!

  3. I love Supernatural, too. I am so ready for skirts and short sleeves.

  4. I love the globe photo! Great angle! Its flip flop weather here, but the evenings get chilly! I saw a lady at Disneyland over the weekend wearing socks with the toes and flip flops, not really a good look!!


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