come on!

silver rules the monday.
It's the start of another week .... my sister said that I need to update more often. lol, so this week I am trying to post something every day, lord help me. I have no scraps to share as I didn't create this weekend. I did have a nice chill weekend. B and I took a mini trip down to Richmond to see our mommy, it was so fun, while Edwin had S2. It is so hot, but it is good- right now it is already in the 80's and it isn't even noon!

Heroes finale tonight, can't wait! Sylar is totally off the charts but still can't wait to see what he is going to do, they are never going to get rid of him!

and in some effort to bring some fun to this post a tag:

what is your current obsession? ipod touch

which item from your closet are you wearing most lately?tanks, i almost layer everything

what's for dinner?fish and rice...trying to get ready for vacation

what was the last thing you bought? mountain dew

what are you listening too right now?if you seek amy (briteny spears)via robyn mix on pandora

say something to the person who tagged you? what T! she didn't tag me per say, but I did get the tag from her, lol

favorite vacation spot? st. lucia

what are you reading right now? blogs on google reader

what four words would you use to describe yourself? loyal, friendly, honest, silly

what is your current guilty pleasure?chipotle

what will be the first spring thing you do? plant flowers, on tap for this week.

where are you planning to travel next? the Caribbean and then to orlando for cha

what was the last thing you watched? the ladies no. 1 detective agency

xo-i can't believe it is the last week of april!


  1. Hey! Discovered your blog on sis tv and I just love it! so much creativity! so fresh! I will follow it from now on!

  2. ooooooo love all the questions. good luck posting every day. i don't have that much stuff going on lol!!! love the lo below. yum!

  3. nice to know that i am not the only one who is addicted to their touch! LOL!

  4. hey gurl i totally hear your sister you indeed need to update more

  5. You are definitely a girl after my own heart, because I LOVE MY ITOUCH! I think we should do a layout on it! LOL Using spray inks and paint! LOL


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