So glad it is Friday, I don't know what to do!!! It is a good day, are you with me?! New dare is up today, it is if you won the lottery______. We all have thoughts of it, no?! I would for sure take care of my family, be debt free ( hello student loans!!!), invest, travel, travel and what more travel and oh yeah college fund for sure for s2!

if i won....

I am the GDT for this month at Lotus Paperie! This week's challenge is a sketch. Now I will be the first to admit that I don't do sketches much, but it is a great boost for creativity and to build upon. Plus I am all about trying new things, this is my take:


I will be chatting at Bad Girls tonight at 6pm PST, chatters will have a chance to win an awesome prize, which can be seen ---> here. I hope you can stop and say hi!! :)

LOST was crazy, but good!!! I love this whole timeline theory, explained alot and left me confused all at the same time, wtf? Still loving Sawyer and still hating Jack. Word to you bub, get off your high horse,k??! lol....
I didn't have a chance to get my giveaway together and post, but I will post it over the weekend. I am hoping to get into the city to take s2 to the Cherry Blossom parade, if it isn't raining, so cross your fingers! :) It's the weekend, enjoy it! xo


  1. Lovely layouts, as always!

    I too am also relaly loving LOST this season, it's not too confusing for me, I love it!! Also, Jack isn't so bad :) I was always Team Jack, but you're right, get off your high horse! haha

  2. Love your LOs always beautiful and inspirational :) I'll try and make it over to bad girls later.

  3. girl, awesome stuff all around, everywhere i look! LOVE the dare and the lotus paperie page with all those lovely colors+hambly. :)

    and LOST, don't even get me started. we need to chat about this sometime.

  4. killer layouts.
    and yes...i am with you. it is gorgeous out today. as soon as i get off work, i am going home and pouring a glass of wine. oh yeah, baby!

  5. I love your pages. Full of color and style. I have to try to see the Cherry Blossoms here before they all go away. Have a fab weekend, Vee.

  6. that paper in the background in the first LO is GORGEOUS!! What company? Oh, and same opinion of Sawyer vs. Jack. Sawyer is awesome right now. I kind of feel the same way about Dan from GG...he was bugging me for awhile for the same reasons. Still watching GG??

  7. I'm totally digging all the Hambly on your los. I can't wait to get my hands on some. Hope you had a blast chatting.

  8. Love your layouts, especially the one for The Dares this week. The black Hambly with the Blue and Pink good.

  9. OH!
    how i miss the cherry blossom festivals in japan. :(
    have fun!!

  10. Loving that gorgoeus red/white patterned paper, very cool photo on it too

  11. You are so creative. Your layouts really inspire me to break out of my bubble. I love the second layout with the butterflies. Beautiful colors and design!

  12. as always, love your layouts. they make me want to get my scrap on.
    hope you had a GREAT weekend!


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