gettin' lost wednesday.

sea of blossoms

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Alex said...
I think that cleaning bug is going around. I blame mine on spring fever and maybe the fact that my prego hormones have kicked into nesting mode. Either way, the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is wonderful. I'm glad you got a lot done and had a smooth weekend!!
1:44 PM

email me your details girl...

LOST truly gets me thru my Wednesdays, I can't wait for it each week. My babies come back today, can't wait to see them! I am sure they will have lots to share! It is a short work week too, one more day in the office, wahoooo! :)

oh and hi to new readers, lurkers and well everyone, :) The Hills was ridiculous, but yeah I watched! The fake make-up scene was ridiculous, Lauren in red lipstick, equally ridiculous, Spencer's sweaty face, yep you guessed it ridiculous. Will I watch it again next week, yes= ridiculous. The highlight of the night was Stephanie finally telling Spencer the business, he didn't know what to say. You would think they would write a new script for Speidi or that's right it is reality.....

I don't have new scraps to share, so I thought I would share one of my latest layouts from Memory Makers....

This one is in the current issue, have two in this issue, first time ever for me and first time for the kids being scrapped in it too! They were very excited to see themselves in the mag. I don't have a good picture of it so I will upload it later.... This layout is about my father( pictured on the left). He was so smart, always abreast on current and world events, very intelligent. I miss him....

I am really into my old products as of late, see I used some old Scrapworks paper on this layout. I love their paper and don't use it often but I loved the colors and wanted the layout to reflect an old school feel so I cut it up! :) Some to use now and some to save for later. Do you have papers that you just can't bring yourself to cut? For me it is scrapworks, fontwerks and some ki.... all pieces that are no longer produced so to me they are vintage, lol....



  1. love the flower pic :) happy wednesday!!!!

  2. Wooow, amazing composition!

  3. ohhhh, so had to comment again! LOl, yeah I have papers that I really don't like to cut, but I do the snips of them like you did here in your LO. it's nice to see that others do that too :D

  4. i love the "vintage" layout! lol
    So cool, girl

  5. Beautiful LO! I TOTALLY have a fear of cutting my favorite papers.

  6. Beautiful layout!!! I think the reason I like digi scrapping so much is because I can keep my papers forever no matter how much I "cut" them. LOL!

  7. kremoore@hotmail.com10:18 PM

    You made me a shout-out to the lurkers. That's totally me. I happened upon your blog from the Effer Dares...oh, about 6 months ago. I dig your style and the fact that there are women of color doing big things in the scrapbooking industry. Represent!


  9. LMAO.
    that red lipstick does NOT work on lauren!

  10. Love the page. Its such a great feeling to use up older stuff. You rocked it.

  11. Yep, I have "vintage" papers too. Just used a piece of Scenic Route that I've been saving. I almost cringed when I cut it... SO silly.

  12. omg lost sooo is the highlight of my wed. I love that page.

  13. that LO is beautiful Vee! I have to play on-line catch up with our beloved LOST... have you been watching ANTM???

  14. Nikki Hueston8:17 PM

    I saw your layouts in the mag, and thought it would be appropriate to say "Congrats"!! Love your stuff!

  15. Gorgeous LO. I feel the same way about the Hills...ridiculous, but I will continue to watch.


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