weekend recap in pictures mostly:
-Park play, these two love being outside and it is also a good time for mommy to take some photos. I don't think they were feeling the lens,lol.

-I went to the hill yesterday for lunch with a dear friend. We ate at Matchbox, if you are ever in DC you must try this local favorite. It is awesome and on Sundays they have a live jazz band at the Capitol Hill location which makes it even better! They cook their pizza in a brick oven and are known for their 3-6-9 sliders! I had the bistro burger which is what the pic is of sorta, I was more fascinated with the tree growing out of my onion rings! lol The burger was delish, hello gorgonzola cheese!!!

-I also went out Saturday night but without the camera, it was so nice! :) More live music, jazz, go go and dancing.... some research for an upcoming feature, can't wait to share!

-Watched Grey Gardens with my sister, I loved it! I thought Jessica Lang and Drew Barrymore were cast perfectly.

But at last we are back to rain today, blek! lets roll week!!xo


  1. Your food pic made me hungry! And, at least your kiddoodles aren't giving you the cheesy smiles mine like to use every. time. I. get. out. the. camera. ;)

    Is it raining now in DC? It is here, has been for 2 days now after some truly gorgeous weather.

    Take care!

  2. mmmm..are those onion rings? what it is, it looks fried. therefore, it must be good. ;) sounds like you had a great weekend!

  3. Isn't this interesting weather we are having? (your friendly weatherperson coming to dish on the weather ha!) I don't know what a "matchbox" is, would like to know the restaurant though, sounds good!

  4. Oooo, I wanted to watch Grey I really have to! :D

  5. I love Matchbox! Such good burgers! Now you're making me miss home. :(

    hope you're doing great!

  6. those onion rings look so damn good right now! just a juicy greasy burger would be better than my jenny craig.. lol.
    I didnt know grey gardens was out. I have the musical and it's awesome too if your interested! have a great day.


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