roll with it.

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I haven't done these in a while and since I am keeping the "blog everyday" ball rolling, I thought I would make a few this morning and it was fun! I haven't made atc's in ages....

LOST is going to be the dope show tonight, it is the 100th epi so you know it is going to epic! I am also ready to see how the "models" on ANTM will mess up on their go see's...should be comical to say the least.
...april showers bring may flowers, let's hope so!
...can't believe we are getting closer to half a year passing, it is insane but glorious too!
...president obama's 100th day today, yay! I love photos and you can see his journey so far---here, remarkable. I hope not to sneeze every two seconds, saying small thanks to getting some rain so I can get some relief. :) xo


  1. Love the atcs! They're fun to just whip out a few, get the creative juices flowin and goin

  2. How do you find time to make stuff IN THE MORNING? You're art amazes me!

  3. Hey V - do you ever do any ATC swaps? I'm looking to get in one -just a basic one -no theme or special stuff. Just fun!! Interested?

  4. so go sees are basically my fave part of antm (aside from the shoots). especially the ones in the foreign country. always something good on that episode.

    my fave card is the kraft one. love

  5. totally IN LOVE with your ATC's.
    yeah, that's pretty much in.


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