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yellow things i love thusdays.
1. If you see a friend without a smile; give him one of yours., 2. Buttercups and daisies, oh the pretty flowers. Coming ere the Springtime, to tell of sunny hours~, 3. #1 & #2, 4. 08.03.09, 5. Untitled, 6. Ready, steady, go, 7. Polaroid Week ~Day 2, 8. polaroid dogwood, 9. *, 10. Polaroid Week~Day 1, 11. Danbo is head over heels over Hong Kong, 12. simply put...

Back to the grind, trying to get inspired! Yellow in all shades is really inspiring me lately, love the warmth of this color. I love wearing it, creating with it and decorating with it.

I had a great Mother's Day, thank you for all the wishes;hope you did as well. It was nice, quiet, filled with love and family time, perfect way to spend it in my opinion. :) Looking forward to doing something fun and new this weekend, I will post more about it next week...

tv is really going to be good this week, lots of season finale=grey's anatomy (which I am sure I will need a box of Kleenex for), LOST (can't wait to see the outcome of Sawyer!) and Supernatural (will dean and sam reunite).

...totally bummed about Memory Makers Magazine closing, it is an awesome magazine. I have loved working with them so much this year.

promise to have more to share tomorrow,well off to knock the rest of Monday out...xo


  1. Vee, love your little grid of photos...also can't wait for Greys! Definitely will need tissues!

  2. Love your photo collage! Thanks for the tips on putting one together. Girl I miss you. Can't wait to see you face 2 face. So sad about Memory Makers. Major Bummer. But it has been an incredible year working with you!

  3. Sorry i have only been a lurker for a long time and not commenting. I want you to know that i read and love every single post!! And i love that avatar of you, you are so pretty!


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