hey sun...is that you friend.

dare 137.

It's Friday and guess what... it is sunny?!! :) woah, so excited about that and it is much needed after yesterday. Thank you for the words of sympathy-death is never easy no matter how old you are... more reason to live your life to the fullest and live each day as a blessing.

So, it is a new dare day and I love these chicks so much, they rock it every week. This week it is all about your commute, lack of commute or what gets you thru your commute...like me. :) It is totally up to interpretation. I am not complaining because I am thankful to have a job and it really doesn't seem that long when there isn't traffic but traffic in the dmv is so unpredictable and therefore the commute can be a very horrible thing here. I guess that is the ebb and flow of living in a metro area because you have to deal, that is my outlook. I do treat myself with some Starbucks to help ease the pain...

happy weekend.
Some flowers to celebrate the weekend,have a blessed one and happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there!I will be heading south for the weekend to celebrate with family,xo


  1. THAT IS ONE KICK A@@ LAYOUT, CHICA! And don't be hogging all the sun! lol

  2. sun peeked through here too a bit today!

  3. I love that page. You make me wish I still scrapbooked. :( Maybe I need to start again so we can chat and gossip like we used to. Hope you're great!

  4. I think you got our sun from yesterday. I wish it would've stuck around longer!

    And P.S. I looove that layout! :) So fun.

  5. FAB U LUS! love the layout!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  6. Aw sorry to hear about that. It puts a cloud over everything when you suffer a loss, like you say it does put things into perspective. You are so rocking the inks lately!

  7. Your LO and photos are so impressive! I've got an award for you on my blog!

  8. And happy mothers day to you! I love the layout. You're making me want to dig out my supplies!


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